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SingularDTV Coin

SingularDTV Coin – A Decentralized Streaming Platform

The concept of the SingularDTV Coin already captivates people with its individuality. It is a decentralized streaming platform that offers artists and producers exciting possibilities to present their products. In doing so, it is taking a step that’s targeted against illegal streaming and it’s already asserting itself against other legal providers.

The reason for this is that the payment of films, series, and music can be carried out via a digital currency. In addition, prices are kept as low as possible. Here, only a small portion of SingularDTV Coins traded are retained to finance the project. This makes the platform even more enticing, ensuring that artists themselves, receive most of the money.

True fans have found an ideal way to support their idols. While the concept skillfully exploits a niche for itself, there is also a technical aspect that cannot be ignored.

CODE – The Financing and Development of the SingularDTV Coin

The platform that the SingularDTV Coin is based upon is called “CODE”. The acronym stands for “Centrally Organized Distributed Entity”. Development took place in partnership with MME.

Altogether, the project is based on eleven different modules, most of which, were already available at the time of publication. This is a union of different apps for users, but also different services for publishers.

A particular successful step of the overall concept is its individuality. From the publisher’s point of view, there are many steps when coordination will depend entirely on the needs of individuals.

Here, everyone can choose which service they need, for example, the need for more advertising. Payments are only made for the service that’s requested. There are no flat-rate service prices or packages available.

The basic model, which is the basis for the SingularDTV Coin and its platform, is called “Tokit”. This is needed to stream, buy, or mine on the platform. However, mining takes place in the background. The user does not have to deal with anything other than a wallet.

A Company With Vision

The development of the SingularDTV Coin and its platform happened over the course of several months. Behind the scenes, strong marketing and a high level of technical expertise combined together seamlessly.

Even after the release, developers and business owners continue to work exhaustively to solidify themselves as a strong competitor for other streaming providers. In 2017, the first original series was produced. This series received a positive reaction.

Streaming Through Mining

The idea of SingularDTV might sound simple, which is because it truly is. Users can mine for SingularDTV Coin and watch TV. No further contribution is required. What’s more, it’s completely independent of time and location.

There will be a total of 7.5 million SingularDTV Coins produced. A proprietary security mechanism, called “The Guard”, makes it impossible to track transactions and it prevents the theft of data. There’s no software that’s capable of pirating media files that are on the platform.

All data records are stored separately and shared by a decentralized peer-to-peer management system. In this case, each hash is secured again. The company website acts as a translator of the data and without them, data cannot even be played back.

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