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Sign up to Coinbase

Introduction – how to Sign up to Coinbase

Sign up to Coinbase means getting a Wallet, as a matter of fact. A wallet is one of the most important tools you need to participate in cryptocurrency transactions. The wallet is the repository for digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others.

It can be seen as a kind of digital wallet or an online bank account with the function of a real wallet. The digital purse, the wallet, contains private keys that allow the user to communicate directly with the blockchain.

The wallet also contains all the lovely coins you’ve successfully mined. The wallet is used to make payments with digital money, goods or services. You can also receive virtual money. All transactions can be viewed in the digital wallet. A wallet is an important tool in dealing with cryptocurrency and wallet security is the top priority in cryptocurrency trading.

Coinbase, the Secure Online Platform – Signing Up to Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, with more than 8 million clients worldwide. The online Coinbase platform was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in the United States. Large companies have invested in Coinbase’s venture capital market.

The cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum can be bought or sold at Coinbase. Similarly, traditional currencies, such as the euro or US dollar can be exchanged via the online cryptocurrency platform. The digital coins can be sent to external exchange wallets or pure wallets.

Advantages of the online platform, Coinbase include its high security and quick verification process. With Coinbase, you can purchase coveted digital currencies in minutes. To get started on Coinbase, you’ll first need to sign up.

Sign Up to Coinbase and Create a Wallet

Coinbase registration can be easily done on a home computer, laptop or smartphone. The company even provides an app. Users can log in to Coinbase and see their wallets, as well as perform transactions anytime, anywhere.

When you bring up the Coinbase homepage, you’ll first see an intuitively designed user interface that is very easy to use. If a user logs in to Coinbase from a desktop or mobile device and enters their data, they can quickly connect with SMS and email verification.

Shortly after logging in Coinbase, the user can finally buy and sell cryptocurrency. This is done via the online wallet, which will have been set up automatically after registration. In fact, you can set up multiple wallets, one for each currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, for example). Each time a digital currency is purchased, it will be credited to the account and withdrawn from sale.

Signing Up to Coinbase – Step by Step

Registration with Coinbase is free for each user. Go to the homepage and you will find the button for registering in the upper right-hand corner. Click on this button and then ensure that all fields are filled in properly. Afterwards, a tick will show upon approval of the user agreement and the user clicks on “”create an account””.

Coinbase will then send an email to your specified email address. After confirming the email, you can go back to the Coinbase website, where you will be greeted with “”Welcome to Coinbase””. Below this message, the company has set up a supportive guide that offers helpful assistance.

By clicking on the individual buttons, you can fill in further details, such as your nationality and enter a valid phone number.

Click again to open a new window requesting a 2-step verification code provided by SMS. Open the SMS to get the code and then enter it on the website. In the next window, the user must press the “”Start verification”” button and deposit details of a passport, identity card or driver’s license on completion.

If the verification is successful, you will get the deposit options in the next step. The most common option is making a deposit via the bank account. Bank account processing times of about 3-5 days are common. Coinbase also accepts Visa, MasterCard and Maestro credit cards. Coinbase then sends its data online for a deposit.

Tip: Always deposit a few more euros than necessary, as Coinbase retains 1.5 percent of the fees paid. On receipt of the money, you will receive a confirmation by email or SMS from Coinbase.

When looking in the Coinbase wallet, you will find several buttons on the left-hand side. “”Account””, for example, and an option where you can view all your wallets. That is the way to sign up to Coinbase

Conclusion on how to Sign up to Coinbase

Coinbase is the largest provider of digital wallets and also offers a euro wallet. Cryptocurrency can also be secured in a vault at Coinbase. It takes two days to transfer the coins. If the wallet is hacked, the user has extra security options and can react quickly.

Every user can benefit from an easy-to-use application with the Coinbase online platform. The security criteria are also high so that each user can buy and sell with confidence at Coinbase.

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