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SaluS Coin

SaluS Coin – a coin intended to increase net asset value

SaluS Coin comes from a company that bears the same name as its own cryptocurrency. It’s a purely profit-based approach, designed to capitalize on all existing currencies within the crypto world. For this reason, the best technologies will be used to create a unique combination of them. The goal of the whole operation is to raise the net asset value of SaluS as high as possible.

SaluS Coin is a cryptocurrency that works much like any other. In addition to various pools available for mining, the CPU can also be used. According to the developers, a minimum rate of 1,000 hashes per second is required to mine.

Profit-oriented thinking, user priority

The thought that such a cryptocurrency has no regard for usability may initially be cause for concern – after all, the goal is pure net profit. This is not the case with the SaluS Coin, however. The developers rely on their concept and know the fact that only a satisfied community can lead to long-term success.

The blockchain used ensures that a block is mined within three minutes. It is also a stable currency, with an annual inflation of only 1 percent. Usually, the price of a SaluS Coin is around $60 to $70. The total market capitalization is well over 40 million American dollars.

Special VIP experiences

In the ranks of SaluS Coin, there are 10 so-called “top addresses”. The traders listed below it have been given exclusive access to minimize transactions for their business. In some cases, no fees are payable to them, as they are covered by various ancillary earnings on the part of the company. For all other dealers, normal charges apply.

Only the best technology for SaluS Coin

The developers are demonstrating a high sense of responsibility in SaluS Coin and related operations. This ensures that there is no downtime, and accordingly, servers can be reached around the clock. A central managing of the assets takes place; it is nevertheless possible to take your own coins and increase your own profit even further.

The project was started by a Kickstarter campaign. There was, among other things, an investment by Bitcoin.

A few things to consider when owning SaluS Coin

If you want to trade with SaluS Coin, it is necessary to have at least 50 of them. Due to the annual distribution of profits, there is the possibility of an additional enrichment of the account balance. Each year, 1 percent of total assets is scheduled for this purpose.

The SaluS Coin company has created reserves for this in order to support the further development and distribution of its digital currency in the long term.

Although it is planned to actively use the coin in the gambling industry, there is also nothing to stop it being used outside of it. The coin is already in use in the online casinos BC Casino, DirectBet, DigiByte and BitCasino.

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