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Radium Coin

Everything you need to know about Radium Coin

Radium Coin is a cryptocurrency that serves as the base blockchain for the Radium SmartChain. Generally, this currency is very profitable to mine. The goal of Radium Coin and Radium SmartChain is to leverage the capabilities of the blockchain to provide 100 percent distributed services.

The services of the Radium blockchain are available through the Radium SmartChain. This SmartChain extends the use of Radium far beyond a common use as a coin.

The SmartChain Core

The SmartChain Core is a client program that allows users to read data and interact with SmartChain. The software client is designed for the average user and includes a graphical user interface with automatic installation and synchronization. The software client interacts through the standard RPC connections with the Radium wallets in the SmartChain data layer.

Radium SmartChain is not dependent on any servers or any other kind of centralization. Using SmartChain does not require complicated settings, command line capabilities or programming skills.

User accounts are created when a Radium Coin address is associated with a name, and this connection is recorded in the blockchain. This connection can be used to write hashes and small text entries in the blockchain. After the username has been written to the blockchain, this name can be used in the SmartChain client instead of the address, which is difficult to remember.

Radium decay

Radium decay is the process of generating Radon through the proof-of-network or network detection. Proof-of-network contribution is a protocol by which each user is rewarded with a Radon asset for each Radium Coin donated for a unit price. Such a system was developed with the aim of increasing the reward for PoS by providing additional rewards to those who support the Radium network.

The more people that use Radium Coin refills, the more rewards there are for the PoS participants. Unlike many other coins and assets, Radon has no limit on the amount that can be produced. Each user can generate any number of Radons for the Radium cryptocurrency. Radium is available for deployment on virtual private servers through the Azure QuickStart template.


Radon is a resource that requires the use of the SmartChain. Various functions of the SmartChain require the burning of Radon in a certain amount, depending on the effect the corresponding smart transaction will have on a unit.

Technical characteristics of the Radium cryptocurrency

The block time is one minute and the confirmation of new blocks takes 60 blocks. PoS rewards are currently one coin per block, with a minimum PoS time of six hours. The daily coin generation is 1,440 coins. The official website of the project can be found at

SmartChain verification

The Radium SmartChain is both software and a protocol designed to take advantage of the distributed irreversibility of blockchain technology. It’s designed to bring power into the hands of casual and business users alike. Anyone can intuitively use the SmartChain to easily adapt to and use the means of proof of existence and proof of ownership.

Radium Coin SmartChain is a combination of several new protocols that provide the framework for the development of advanced blockchain-based functions. All functions are based on a 100 percent decentralized and approval-free system controlled by Smart Transactions.

At the same time, the benefits of an approved system are provided by additional core layers. These layers include the required identity verification, recourse procedures in the event of a private key compromise, and distributed custody accounts.

Radium Core

Radium Core is the software client, which allows users to read and interact with data from the SmartChain data layer. Radium Core is the foundation of SmartChain technology – it’s a blockchain operated by people around the world. Radium Core retains the benefits of a license-free blockchain while retaining the benefits of an approved system within the SmartChain.

Additional functions

SmartChain services – SmartChain Verify

SmartChain Verify is a platform that allows a user to check a local file for file hashes recorded in the Radium blockchain. If the file hash was stored in the chain, the system reports who recorded the file, the name of the file, and when it was recorded. Based on this information, the user can check whether the program has been manipulated or replaced by a fraudster.

The Windows SmartChain Verify installer creates an option in the Windows context menu titled “Verify file with the SmartChain.” If this option is enabled, the selected file is scanned and compared to a list of known file hashes in the SmartChain Verify server.

While Radium and Radon must place a file hash in the blockchain, the user can check the source of any number of files for free.

SmartChain APIs – SmartChain Core API

The SmartChain API provides a JSON API for reading SmartChain accounts and verified file information, which enables the development of third-party applications. The API supports retrieving SmartChain account details and information, and whether it is the hash of a file that has been verified on the SmartChain. The same information is available in both SmartChain Core and SmartChain Verify.

SmartChain Verify API

The SmartChain Verify API allows the user to specify a download to be checked via an easy-to-use interface. Answers can be returned as both visual and machine-friendly JSON responses.

Cloud and container options – Microsoft Azure

Radium is available for deployment on virtual private servers (VPS) through the Azure QuickStart template. Users can quickly deploy and configure a VPS with RPC connection information directly from the Azure console. The configuration files are automatically configured and the daemon starts at boot time.

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