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Pivx Coin

What is Pivx Coin?

Pivx Coin is an emerging cryptocurrency, developed as an open source project. The aim of the developers was and is to ensure a high degree of privacy and anonymity. This is an invaluable asset in an age when governments are able to tap into more and more of the data of their citizens.

According to many experts, cryptocurrency is actually the future of payment transactions. As with other currencies, this coin also uses a blockchain. The decentralized type of data transmission is characterized by the fact that it sets new standards of security.

In the case of Pivx Coin, there is also the fact that the amount of energy consumed when carrying out transactions is particularly low. The coin is thus an environmentally friendly way to transfer money. In order to make the whole thing as cheap as possible, the coin requires only a small amount of storage space.

Cash, credit and debit cards are increasingly unable to meet the needs of users in a globalized marketplace. Cryptographic money on the other hand, is flexible, secure and thus the first choice for many people. In addition to its use as a means of payment, it can also be considered an investment.

The best example of this is Bitcoin. First traded in 2009, its price per unit has multiplied many times in a short period.

Why was Pivx Coin developed?

Despite the huge boom in this form of investment, many cryptocurrencies can only be traded by professionals and experts. The developers of Pivx Coin try to go the opposite way and make their currency more widely available. Trading with these coins can also begin without much prior knowledge.

The same applies to purchases. In fact, more and more shops are deciding to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The end of this development is far from being in sight. It cannot be ruled out that in a few years, payment will also be made in trading with these coins.

For the customer, this would bring some welcome advantages. Instead of carrying notes and coins, a mobile phone loaded with an appropriate wallet would suffice when making payments. Credit cards would be obsolete. Anonymity would be guaranteed for payments, similar to cash.

A further thought of the developers was that nation states would lose some of their power if the coin succeeds. Citizens could no longer be monitored as easily as they are today. Trading is extremely straightforward, thanks to various crypto exchanges. The website of the developers is clearly arranged. You’ll also find plenty of technical information about this currency here.

What are the advantages of the coin?

If the men behind Pivx Coin are asked this question, the answer is usually security. In fact, cryptocurrencies are already very secure, thanks to the blockchain. However, Pivx goes one further and works with so-called coin mixers. This effectively conceals all traces of the transaction.

This is particularly important when payment transactions involve private products. Debit and credit card payments are extremely transparent and therefore anything but anonymous. Cryptocurrency fills a gap that should have been filled a long time ago.

Similar to cash, cryptocurrency is completely anonymous, but at the same time digital and fit for the future. Once purchased, the coin is stored on a so-called wallet. Such a deposit corresponds to a securities account, but is usually free of charge.

Wallets are downloaded to a PC or smartphone, and are available for all major operating systems. From there, coins can be sent, received and managed as desired.

Pivx Coin as a means of payment versus investment

Many potential investors are not sure whether they see the coin as a classic means of payment, or rather as an investment opportunity. After all, many cryptocurrencies have risen considerably in price after just a short time. Pivx Coin is also facing such a development.

The answer is therefore that the coin is both a means of payment and a lucrative investment. It should be seen primarily as a currency that is innovative and sustainable. Nevertheless, investors can still secure considerable returns with Pivx Coin.

After all, the coin has so far been known mainly to experts, but not to the average citizen. If this changes and the currency garners press attention, demand increases. Since at the same time, nothing about the product itself changes, the price rises.

This has been seen several times before, so it makes sense to act quickly. The sooner an investor joins, the greater the chance of securing a large profit. Bitcoin has impressively confirmed this fact. Courageous investors who have invested at an early stage can today enjoy the dividends their investment has yielded.

Pivx Coin – a summary

Pivx Coin is innovative, safe and flexible, above all else. With this cryptographic currency, all private investors can now enjoy the benefits of a booming industry. The coin should not be seen as an investment alone. Rather, it is also means of payment that offers an unprecedented degree of anonymity.

In many online shops, it is already accepted, while conventional stores should one day accept it. Instead of cash or credit cards, payment with cryptographic currency requires only a smartphone device. This currency is the means of payment for the future.

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