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Patientory Coin

What is ment by Patientory Coin?

The Patientory coin (PTOY) aims to provide safe and better healthcare. The company has dedicated itself to developing blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry. It uses the blockchain for storage, communication, mobile security and other important healthcare tasks.

The Patientory Team

The Patientory Foundation is responsible for the development of the Patientory platform. The company is registered in the USA and Switzerland and was founded in 2015. Key members of the team include Chrissa McFarlane (Founder and CEO), Rob Campbell (Chief Software Architect) and Randy Mitchell (Chief Technical Product Manager).

The team has many years of experience in healthcare, cybersecurity and consumer technology. Patientory is located in Atlanta Tech Village and has an office in Founders Base, San Francisco.

The Vision

Patientory mainly addresses the inefficiency of the US healthcare industry. On the official site, the company lists a number of serious problems.

Ultimately, Patientory plans to solve these issues by providing a secure, scalable and cost-effective health management solution for both patients and healthcare providers. Patientory provides a meaningful opportunity for the use of blockchain technology.

The Patientory Platform

Patientory aims to provide patients, doctors and healthcare organizations with secure access, storage and transfer of information. The end result is better coordination of care and data security. To achieve these goals, Patientory connects to an electronic patient record system, enabling doctors, care providers and consumers to communicate through a single, easy-to-use platform.

The blockchain is used to provide end-to-end encryption in compliance with regulatory and compliance requirements. The use of the platform is free of charge for the patients, but to keep their information, patients need to purchase storage space for a one-time fee in the form of a Patient coin (PTOY).

Healthcare providers have to pay a one-time installation fee to install the platform on the hospital equipment. They also have to pay a monthly sum to Patientory for the licence and storage fee.

Blockchain technology is the surest way to protect patients’ sensitive health information from cyber attacks, according to Patientory. The blockchain cuts and encrypts patient medical records before distributing it across the network until it can be reused.

This makes any breach of data virtually impossible. Even if a node in the blockchain was completely compromised, the attacker would receive only a random bit of encrypted information about a patient. Using a decentralized system instead of a centralized server makes attacks unlikely.

The Benefits of Patientory

The platform offers many benefits to all parties involved, including patients, doctors and health organizations.

The Benefits for Patients

Patients can access their entire health profile through the platform. This health profile includes history, referral recommendations and test results. The data can be retrieved from a user’s own desktop computer or mobile device and is protected by the blockchain.

Patients can also communicate directly with doctors and healthcare providers through the portal. If the patient has concerns or questions, they can contact the attending physician or hospital directly. The user can post on the platform and share results with those who have access to the health profile.

The platform also provides a forum where patients can share their experiences and complaints. According to the website, thousands of patients have already joined the Patientory network. The ultimate goal of the company is to create a health platform where users can learn from each other’s experiences.

Benefits for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics can get a comprehensive picture of a patient’s information at a glance, including information collected by other colleagues or medical institutions.

The platform offers healthcare professionals the ability to manage their schedule, place orders and send or receive referrals online. The automation tools and reminders help healthcare providers to plan and keep track of patient care. This can save a lot of time while reducing the risk of mistreatment.

Blockchain technology allows doctors to securely share information with patients, family members, caregivers, specialists and nurses. This is because Patientory has a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform, through which all healthcare providers can communicate securely and conveniently.

The Patientory Coin (01.02.2018)

The Patientory coin is an ERC20-compliant token based on Ethereum. There is a total offering of 100,002,000 Patientory coins with a circulation of 70 million coins. The Patientory coin has a market capitalization of US $17,597,230,440,470.

Within 24 hours, a trading volume of US $540,470 is implemented. In’s token ranking, the cryptocurrency holds the 373rd place.


Patientory is a healthcare platform designed to benefit patients, physicians and others in the healthcare industry. Using blockchain technology, Patientory creates a single, unchanging source of patient data. Patients can share this data with healthcare providers, while healthcare providers can reduce their costs, reduce the risk of data breaches and enjoy many other benefits.

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