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Particl Coin

What is the Particl Coin?

Particl Coin is a cryptocurrency. Wondering whether there’s an easy to use, secure and private marketplace that exists exclusively between users? You’ll be glad to discover there is. It’s called Particl, a platform that connects people and allows for extremely fast transactions. The entire platform is based on blockchain technology, while it also has its own token.

This is the Particl coin, which is also known in abbreviated form as PART. The platform makes it possible to buy products from major online shops without the need for intermediaries. For customers this means savings, because there is only one contact between customers and sellers.

By investing in PART, it is also possible to mine the currency. A proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm is used, which provides a kind of annual return on the invested capital.

In order to obtain this return, the wallet must be opened, because only then can the network access the user’s computing capacity and thus validate transactions. The platform also enables you to use different tokens to make investments in the desired products. This makes it possible to operate on the market without a system interruption.

What Sets the Particl Coin Apart from the Crowd?

Particl is the first decentralized application based on Bitcoin and offers confidential transactions. The confidential transactions ensure that the transferred amount is visible only to the participants of the transaction and not to the blockchain. This guarantees that no higher costs are paid for using this service.

In addition, investors will be able to generate a passive income. Particl allows users to make a profit without actively selling products on the market. To make this possible, a PoS algorithm is used.

This means that the user feeds surplus computing power into the network and receives a defined number of Particl coins as a reward. If there is rising interest in the platform and the Particl coin, the reward is raised. In the first year, inflation is expected to be 5% and will be reduced by one percent annually. Minimum inflation is 2%.

The next special feature is encrypted chat. This is made possible by a communication tool, which is an integral part of the platform. The encryption takes place on the client side and is stored in the DSN. Therefore, all messages run outside of the blockchain so there is no slowing down of the network.

Core Components of Particl

The most important component of the platform is the Particl market where users can buy, sell and earn money confidentially. The Particl market is supposed to be an attractive alternative for people who buy and sell online. This market is similar to eBay, Etsy or Amazon.

The crucial difference is that all transaction data, payments and conversations are processed on a distributed, user-driven network. According to the developers, this approach is comparable to buying from a local supermarket. This is because only the required goods are bought from the respective supplier, without the need for an intermediary to market them.

Another important component of Particl is voting governance. This is an integrated voting function that allows investors to vote in a decentralized manner and thus have a high impact on the development of the network. The main focus of this function is to examine the main requirements for a decentralized platform.

The governance function consists of two components. On the one hand, the platform governance can be cited to protect against illegal activities and on the other hand, privacy governance serves to guarantee the anonymity of users.

Who is Behind the Development of the Particl Coin?

The Particl coin team is comparatively large for a cryptocurrency team and currently consists of 18 members. In addition, there are 8 consultants.

The chief developer is Ryno Mathee. Gerlof van Ek is responsible for the development of graphics and user interfaces. Shazzy analyses current trends and important developments in the context of the cryptocurrency.

Paul Schmitzer is responsible for the communication department and Henk Swad is project manager. Nick Sy manages all finances, and Martin Allien develops the front-end and user interface. In addition, the team includes 8 people who are exclusively responsible for development.

How Has the Market Capitalization of this Cryptocurrency Developed?

As mentioned above, Particl coin is traded on the markets under the abbreviation PART. The first official trading day was 21 July 2017, when the issue price of the currency was 6.80 US dollars, resulting in a market capitalization of 51.99 million US dollars.

Since then, the currency has been on an upswing, reaching its highest level to date on 14 January, 2014 with a market capitalization of 359.86 million US dollars. As a result of the market consolidation, PART lost value, but was able to reach 122 million US dollars. Since then, the token has seen a renewed upswing.

Investors should also take note of the number of Particl tokens, which was around 8.8 million at the beginning of 2018. In daily trading, these tokens generate a volume of 2.2 million US dollars. The most important market is Bittrex, followed by Upbit.

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