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Our first DASH Miner at Meatec

Dash Mining

The first and not the last

After our rather large investment in shared DASH masternodes at StakeCube, we have now also decided to directly order a DASH miner from the company Meatec. In this post we would like to talk a bit about our experience and the ordering process.

The ordering process

With the kind assistance of a Meatec employee via Telegram, we ordered our first StrongU DASH miner from their website.

StrongU STU-U6 Dash miner

We were lucky, delivery and setup can take up to a month we were told, yet we had access to the miner just one day later. The company already has miners in stock at the various locations.

The payment was made from our side via bank transfer, a payment in cryptocurrency would also have been possible quite in the spirit of the crypto scene.

The back office

The company has put together quite a clear back office. The earnings are posted and updated in real time.


The overview is kept very simple and gives information about the most important data. For us, the yield per day and per month is important, the exact conversion into USD is also nice. So the ROI can be calculated exactly based on the purchase price.

The earnings

Apparently, when we purchased the device, the previous month’s earnings were also posted to the back office. The miner was therefore already running. We had daily yields between 0.00428867 and 0.00902729 DASH. At the current DASH price of course not such a good value (about 0.60 Euro). However, if we calculate against the DASH ATH (Alltime High) we would be at about 14 Euro per day. We find the idea exciting and will of course continue to report on the returns.

Why a miner and not just masternodes?

We have already invested a large portion of DASH in DASH Masternodes, the question is obvious, why not buy and deposit DASH directly? The goal must be to generate more DASH with the invested just under 1000 euros at the end than can be purchased at the current equivalent value and generated over the term via Masternode.

Will the experiment work? We don’t know yet either. But we are using another really cool thing we discovered at Meatec:

Buy new miner with Reinvest and get compound interest

Meatec Reinvest Dashboard

With the integrated reinvest function, we can buy shares in existing miners. If we have 100% of a miner together, the device belongs to us. We have currently set reinvest to 50%, and at the end of the month we will receive additional power according to our earnings. We thus have a mixture of fully managed cloud mining, coupled with the purchase of the hardware. We think this is a very nice solution.

Video from Meatec

Update – 08/02/2020

We bought 5 more StongU DASH miners yesterday.

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