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Our current mining strategy and outlook

Earnings Meatec


By request of the crypto magazine community, today we give a little insight into our August results of our 6 StrongU DASH miners at Meatec. First of all a small cost breakdown:

  • 20.07.2020 – Purchase 1x StrongU Miner: 1049.91 €
  • 31.07.2020 – Purchase 5x StrongU Miner: 5084,85 €

Accordingly, we spent a total of €6134.76 on our mining equipment.


As a sneak preview, we pre-ordered another Bitmain Z15 – 420Ksol – ZCash Miner yesterday for currently $7,060.80. This should be delivered in the next 28-30 days. An extremely exciting prospect for this device with these earnings prospects:

At the same time, we have a sharp drop in the difficulty of ZCash:

We also find the price development and the potential of ZCash exciting:

The price of ZCash is pretty solid from a crypto perspective. The ATL (All Time Low) of ZCash was $19.75 and the ATH (All Time High) was $3,191.93. At the current price ($75), there is still a potential of almost 42x.

So much for our current decision to mine ZCash. We are very excited about the results and will of course share them with our community. With an ROI of 12 months, we are doing pretty well. We will probably exchange the results into DASH on a monthly basis and incorporate them into our masternode and interest strategy.

Current results of our 6 DASH miners

The easiest way to share our results is probably a small picture gallery:

Our miners generate on average after costs a profit between $24-41 per month. With 6 miners, that’s about $227.83 per month. We push our earnings directly to StakeCube and get the 11% interest rate + the masternode shares with almost 6%. So directly with our mining results we generate another almost 17% return in DASH. The returns are relatively constant, as can be seen here in the graph:

Here’s what our results look like in numbers (DASH):

Many readers in the community have been asking for this info. There are definitely exciting times ahead. The goal of the strategy is to build up several DASH masternodes and a good diversification with bitcoin and mining income.

If you have any questions, we welcome comments below this post.


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