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Omnia Mining Experience

Introduction on Omnia Mining Experience

Omnia Mining Experience – When Omnia Tech, a network marketing company, emerged as a mining company in the world of cryptocurrencies in 2017, it caused quite a stir.

For years, new cloud miners have been appearing on the net with the same aim: wanting to enable anyone without technical knowledge and high-performance equipment to participate in the production of popular coins. Of these, not all providers were always serious and loyal.

In the middle of 2017, new concepts entered the crypto world, such as Network Marketing, Lifetime Mining and Omnia Mining, now the proud partner of Genesis – the largest provider in the field of cloud mining to date. Many crypto fans knew it was going to be really exciting in the mining market.

Our Omnia Mining experience confirms that the innovative company has a lot to offer in the crypto area.

Omnia Mining brings a breath of fresh air to the cloud mining sector

Cloud mining briefly recalled:
Mining means digging or mining coins. It’s about adding transaction records to the ledger. Put simply, these are always appended to the earlier transactions. The general ledger for these transactions is called the blockchain.

The whole process works by solving a cryptographic task. The more people involved in mining worldwide, the harder the subsequent task can be. To solve the math problem, the miner needs high-performance hardware and an excellent graphics card. In addition, the high energy costs in Germany, the volume during the mining process and the generation of heat by the power of the entire process must all be considered.

It soon became nearly impossible from home, so experts in the form of cloud miners appeared on the scene. Solid cloud miners include Genesis, Hashing 24 or HashFlare.
In the summer of 2017, the company Omnia came with a fantastic offer for mining users. At Omnia, the largest profitable digital currencies can be mined. These are:

• Bitcoin (BTC)
• Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum Classic
• Litecoin (LTC)
• Zcash
• Dash

Omnia Mining experience – network marketing meets crypto-cloud

In our experience, the Omnia Mining company Omnia Tech brings a breath of fresh air and many advantages to the mining process. Like other cloud miners, mines owned by Omnia do not require the miner to have their own hardware and software. This means that the miner does not have to do any maintenance.

Anyone who wants to participate in mining can do so quite confidently, thanks to the upswing of the cryptocurrency. Users can also use Omnia to create the preferred digital currency for themselves. Users who want to get started on a long-lasting project are in the right place at Omnia Tech.

Omnia Mining acts as a distributor of cloud miner Genesis. Genesis is the largest supplier in the cloud mining sector and has been on the market since 2013.

The advantage of the cloud miner is that users can generate profits without their own hardware. They can do this simply by looking for a top mining provider and buying computing power there.

The most important thing users need to know about cloud miners is that they have their own hardware to mine, and this is provided in Genesis. You can even visit their mining farms. The editor of Krypto Magazin, for example, recently visited the farms in Iceland.

Omnia Mining experience – feedback about Omnia Mining

Christian Michel Scheibener is the founder of Omnia Mining and has extensive experience in network marketing, based on our Omnia Mining experience. The company is based in Malta.

As a partner of the mining provider Genesis, Omnia is connected to its hardware. Everything to do with technical expertise and technology comes from Genesis. Omnia has the advantage in that the company is perfectly structured and could take over all sales from Genesis. This is a small weakness of Genesis, whose distribution structure is not fully developed.

Our Omnia mining experience confirms that Omnia has implemented a well-designed compensation and marketing plan. Omnia also benefits from the technical expertise of Genesis.

What makes Omnia so exciting? Other mining companies will end the contract if mining is no longer economical, but Omnia is different. This allows for a strategy in which half of the hash power is reinvested every 500 days.

This means that unprofitable plans can be quickly changed, while investments are maintained for the user. Omnia Tech guarantees the user lifetime mining. If a coin becomes unprofitable, the user can switch directly to another more profitable coin, without effort and without additional costs.

This way, payouts are guaranteed, as long as there are mines of digital coins. The company also offers a lucrative compensation plan through referrals or participation in a profitable multi-level marketing plan. This means that users of Omnia can earn from a variety of revenue opportunities, as well as mining.

Exciting income opportunities at Omnia:
• Direct sales bonus
• Generation bonus
• Monthly bonus
• Commissions can be reinvested.


Miners can purchase various mining packages from Omnia Tech. Depending on the wallet, miners can order their own packages. Once the payment is received by Omnia, the user can start mining the digital currency of their choice, and if desired, start a team build. Our Omnia Mining experience demonstrated an innovative, modern and promising approach to cryptocurrency mining.

Anyone who wants to start mining at Omnia Tech first needs a wallet. They can then register with Omnia Mining and start digging for the cryptocurrency. The lifetime mining guarantee promises revenue as long as there are mines. After our Omnia experience, we think that we will hear many positive reviews of this company in the future.

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