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Next scandal in crypto space: John McAfee arrested

John McAfee arrested in Spain

After the US SEC (The US Securities and Exchange Commission) filed charges of fraud, the well-known software developer has now been arrested in Spain. Tax evasion and the illegal promotion of ICO’s are on the agenda. In the worst case, a prison sentence of up to 30 years is threatening.


On the website of the U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission it says as follows: “The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged businessman and computer programmer John McAfee for promoting investments in initial coin offerings (ICOs) to his Twitter followers without disclosing that he was paid to do so. McAfee’s bodyguard, Jimmy Watson, Jr., was also charged for his role in the alleged scheme.”

John McAfee

John Mc Afee is one of the most colorful people in the cryptouniverse. In recent years, he has repeatedly made headlines by making polarizing statements. In June 2017, for example, he predicted a Bitcoin price of over half a million US dollars. Wager: his best piece! Only recently it was reported that the US tax authorities were searching for Mc Afee and that he had therefore moved to the Caribbean.

Moving career

The son of a British mother and an American soldier, John McAfee was born in Scotland in 1945. After successfully completing his studies in mathematics, John Mcafee moved into the IT industry in the early 1970s. In 1987 he founded his own company and became a multi-millionaire by selling the McAfee Antivirus program.

Weeks of scandals

No week without a scandal in the crypto space. DeFi hacks, Bitmex charges, McAfee… There is no rest in the block chain world. Again and again negative headlines shake the confidence of investors. Various Ponzi schemes, exit scams and other fraud mechanisms feed the demand for regulation and transparency. Even the established crypto-currencies have to suffer from this.

Is trust in Bitcoin shrinking?

Volatile exchange rate fluctuations and constant scandal reports scratch the image of crypto currencies. While investors in times of the Coronavirus Pandemie look for safe havens handstruggling, the traditional markets determine the Chartverlauf of the Nr.1-Kryptowährung. The high correlation makes Bitcoin the plaything of the major stock indices. After the halving, many indicators spoke for an encapsulation.

Bitcoin course up-to-date

At the time of writing, the BTC is quoted at 10732 USD, which represents a daily loss of 0.05%. This means that the bulls can avert the bear attack and continue to rely on the support area at 10600 USD. From a bullish perspective, the next resistances are now at 10800 USD and 11000 USD. Over the past few weeks, the market leader has repeatedly bounced off this barrier. On Tuesday the BTC Dominance Index rose to a value of 58.1%. According to this, approximately 199 billion USD of 342 billion USD (total market capitalization) are in Bitcoin investments.

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