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Nexium Coin

Introduction on the Nexium Coin

Nexium Coin is a cryptocurrency. 2017 was a particularly good year for investors. In general, it was a year in which investors experienced a bull market, marked by consistently new highs. If the best investments are analyzed, then a clear focus must be placed on cryptocurrencies, though some classic securities also performed very well.

In particular, the shares of gaming groups have to be taken into account because this sector is experiencing a rise due to the increasing acceptance of computer games.

Of particular importance in the current landscape of computer games are micro-transactions. These are payments that are made to convert real money into the respective game currency. After the game currency has been acquired, the money can be invested in new equipment or new levels.

At the current time, however, many payment systems suffer from a certain inertia and must be optimized accordingly, since longer payment periods must be taken into account.

Meanwhile, various startups rely on blockchain technology to keep both game content and game currencies safe. One of these startups is Nexium, which is responsible for developing the game, Beyond the Void.

What is the Nexium Coin?

The Nexium coin is a game currency developed exclusively for the game, Beyond the Void. The technical basis for this is the Ethereum blockchain so that conventional mining of the tokens is not possible. To receive the token, players must invest fiat money and exchange it for the token.

As an ERC-20 token, the Nexium coin is very user-friendly and the underlying source code is well known, so there is a high level of trust on the part of the community.To be able to publish on the market, the developers have crowdfunded through an initial coin offering.

Investors acquired Nexium tokens by changing them into Ethers. Several addresses were released for the receipt of Ether so that there would be no bottleneck in the transaction processing. The initial coin offering was only completed after the target achievement of €110,000.

Who is the Team Behind the Development of the Nexium Coin?

The development of the game, Beyond the Void, is carried out by the B2Expand team. The startup was founded by Eric, Maxence, Remi and Manon Burgel. Eric Burgel is considered the blockchain expert of the family. He takes over the development of business intelligence, the network and is responsible for new partnerships.

Max Burgel, on the other hand, is a designer. He took over the design of Beyond the Void and conceptualized the entire galaxy, and the individual characters of the game.

Remi Burgel is an expert in blockchain technology and has previously developed several smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. These smart contracts should later be the basis of the game.

The last founding member, Manon Burgel, takes over the marketing of the game with the support of Camille Chateau. Both would like to develop the company and apply the appropriate marketing campaigns in accordance with market needs. To this end, the various community forums are being actively processed and close customer contact is maintained.

Furthermore, Francois Guezengar, who is responsible for the research and development as well as the programming of Dapps (decentralized applications), was recruited as a member of the team. He is deeply rooted in the startup scene and always knows the latest market trends. His job is to analyze and implement trends.

Corentin Polette was hired as a graphic designer. He visualizes various instruments, which are mainly used for customer communication. He is also responsible for the corporate design.

Corention Seccia, Jonathan Deletoile and Thomas Plessis are three other developers who play active parts on the team.

How Was the Nexium Coin Developed?

Video games have always been a central theme for the founders of Nexium. Even as children, the four developers began playing by buying a Super Nintendo NES. While some people lose interest in games, this did not happen with the Nexium founders and as a result, Eric Burgel started programming as a teenage boy.

Maxence also had an interest in programming but was more comfortable with the design. He conceived the basic idea of Beyond the Void. All four family members were enthusiastic about the idea and formed a team intent on pursuing the development of the game.

While both Eric and Maxence were responsible for the core development of the game, Remi took over the development of game dynamics and gameplay. After the game was almost finished, Eric noted that the blockchain technology could be used to secure funds and store levels. In addition, the technology leads to an exclusion of manipulation so that the entire game is fair.

The blockchain was set to pique the interest of the entire market and take the step out of its niche to a larger base. Subsequently, Remi developed a smart contract, which was used for the ICO and led to the success of the game.

To enable growth in the future, Manon was also brought into the team to enable new contacts and partnerships, and give the other family members more time for the actual development.

How Has the Nexium Coin Market Capitalization Developed?

The Nexium Coin was launched on December 13, 2016, as part of the ICO. Though the market capitalization after the ICO was only $110,000, by January 1, 2017, it had reached a value of 1.3 million US dollars. In particular, through various advertising measures, it reached several highs in 2017, with the absolute peak of 50.7 million US dollars being reached on January 6, 2018.

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