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NewYorkCoin: A cryptocurrency for authentic New Yorkers

Another addition to the booming cryptocurrency sector, NewYorkCoin is headquartered in the city that never sleeps. The aim of the developers behind this coin is to simplify international payment transactions, making them quicker and more reliable.

Users of this cryptocurrency can enjoy incredibly quick transactions that take only a few seconds. There’s a good reason why New York was picked as the home of this new cryptocurrency – the heart of New York City, Manhattan, is host to one of the most important financial and economical centers on earth.

Not only are major banks and media companies based in Manhattan, but the world-famous Wall Street can also be found there. The creators of NewYorkCoin have set themselves a clear goal of conquering the financial world with this intelligent currency.

As an international currency, it removes previous barriers and offers a new form of flexibility for consumers. Simple access and payment processing via smartphone are yet more reasons why this currency is so convenient.

While most of the current users of NewYorkCoin are native to the USA, this could soon change – the developers see enormous potential for the Asian market in particular. Many there are now turning toward cryptocurrencies as an uncomplicated alternative to conventional payment methods.

The advantages of NewYorkCoin

Unlike traditional currencies, NewYorkCoin is not controlled by a central bank. The developers are therefore free to act independently in all decisions relating to value stability. At the same time, they are doing everything in their power to keep levels of inflation as low as possible.

A visible presence on the American market means the currency enjoys a solid reputation. In one of his most famous songs, Sinatra sings: “In old New York, if I can make it there. I’ll make it anywhere.” It seems likely that NewYorkCoin will prove this sentiment correct.

Meanwhile, traditional means of payment and conventional currencies are beginning to struggle. Experts are certain a real change in currency culture is on the horizon. In short, it seems likely that cryptocurrencies will replace traditional currencies.

What could become a problem for the European Central Bank and the American Fed, however, should prove welcome to the average consumer. Annoying currency exchanges and complicated transfers would be a thing of the past.

With crypto money, a simple smartphone is sufficient to be able to transfer cash. With NewYorkCoin, security and transparency are paramount. Additionally, the proven techniques of the blockchain have been improved upon with this currency. The absence of centralized information storage makes this coin an ideal means of payment for discreet business users.

Market capitalization and what it means

Many investors first look at the market capitalization to determine the value of a currency. In the case of NewYorkCoin, the current market capitalization is more than 5 million US dollars. This is certainly a respectable figure, but it still leaves room for improvement.

Most experts are optimistic about this happening. One of the reasons for this optimism is that maximum expenditure is limited to 130 billion coins. At present, more than 90 percent of these units are available on the market.

Since the market capital represents the sum of available coins multiplied by the current price, increasing interest means increased value. In fact, interest in cryptocurrencies is greater today than it ever has been.

Many people who heard about this innovative investment opportunity in the media were among the first to acquire coins. There is a good chance that media interest in this currency still has potential to grow.

After all, this cryptocurrency is still overshadowed by the likes of Bitcoin and Litecoin. However, this is surprising, considering that NewYorkCoin is already a faster and more efficient choice. In addition to this, payments require little storage space and processing power, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

A payment transaction revolution

As a logical next step for payment methods, cryptocurrencies have initiated a true revolution. If they become widely accepted, the state will largely lose its power to monitor transactions. Cryptocurrencies are already international, with no restrictive boundaries.

The desired sum can be transferred to a recipient in mere moments, with no complications. Smaller companies can therefore emancipate themselves from the regulation of banks and service providers. However, the one demographic that benefits the most is the everyday consumer.

They can finally manage their finances without the interference of outside agencies. All that’s needed is a wallet. A wallet is a depository that has been specially designed to manage crypto money. Wallets are available for all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux and macOS.

Coins can not only be sent, but also received. Wallets are also easy to use, with no prior knowledge of the specifics required. Anyone interested in taking their first steps can purchase units of NewYorkCoin today. With a little bit of luck, considerable price gains are possible within just a few weeks.

In summary

With cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurs and consumers can free themselves from the current financial system and gain high levels of anonymity. The innovative blockchain makes cryptocurrency a distinctly modern form of cash. Neither cybercriminals nor the state can trace transactions.

As an NY-based currency, NewYorkCoin is all set for a successful future. Anyone interested can start participating today and enjoy potential price gains. This is one cryptocurrency that’s designed for everyone.

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