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Neutron Coin

Neutron Coin – a cryptocurrency that educates its users

Neutron Coin has been developed to bring people closer to the education system and make further education more accessible. Many people remain largely ignorant of cryptocurrencies in general, with many more only having a basic knowledge of the inner workings of them.

Knowledge and education are the driving force behind this cryptocurrency, which sets it apart in the crypto sector. Neutron attaches just as much importance to establishing an expanding community.

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Furthermore, Neutron aims to stabilize the market by disseminating knowledge and various training opportunities within the crypto sector and online transactions.

Neutron Coin in numbers – February 2018

According to, the market capital of Neutron Coin is currently 11,910,372 US dollars. The cryptocurrency has a daily trading volume of 14,346 US dollars, with a circulating supply of 34,066,106 NTRN. The maximum supply of coins is 68 million NTRN. Neutron Coin is currently ranked at 426th in the Mineable Coins ranking list.

What is Neutron Coin?

Neutron Coin, or NTRN for short, denotes a cryptocurrency that relies on knowledge and education in connection with modern currencies in the sector. Neutron offers courses and training on a wide range of topics. The users of Neutron Coin are very much involved in the selection of these topics and are encouraged to provide their opinion.

Behind Neutron Coin is the SHA-256d algorithm and a block time of 79 seconds. One million Neutron Coins have already been mined with the PoW (proof-of-work) protocol, and from the 500th block onward, PoS (proof-of-stake) started. Users receive 30 Neutron coins per block. The designated wallet for the cryptocurrency was published on October 29, 2017.

Many decisions about the use and development of Neutron Coin are made by an active community. Proposals for improvement are also discussed daily, with solutions to problems quickly provided. Support is available to all users at any time, and introductions to the system for newcomers are also on offer.

Neutron founded an e-commerce platform that offers a host of promotional items, such as T-shirts, bags and other accessories, for purchase.

What is this cryptocurrency used for?

Neutron Coin is designated primarily as a cryptocurrency to promote education and learning. With this education and further training, a trustworthy attitude towards the topic of cryptocurrency is to be created. The market for these currencies should be enlarged and false information should not be disseminated. The more people are informed about how exactly a cryptocurrency works, the closer Neutron gets to its goal to spread knowledge.

Neutron has developed a Masternode system that offers the possibility to register for further education. In this system, different courses are offered on different topics, so there should be a suitable course for everyone.

The main focus is on technology, programming, trade and investment. In addition, users can regularly vote on which courses are to be offered in the future. In this way, everyone has a say in the matter and can close any gaps in their knowledge. The users are very much involved in this project and are therefore motivated to continue supporting the project.

The courses offered are also checked for high quality content according to defined quality criteria. The respective instructors receive a salary for the further education and can donate a portion of this salary to a charitable organization. The community of Neutron decides which organization this will be.

In the future, Neutron would like to publish specialist literature on various topics and offer webinar sales.

Who is behind Neutron Coin?

Neutron Coin was launched on January 11, 2016. The team behind Neutron Coin consists of 11 people. Thomas Dowdy is the project manager, while Roderick Spectre takes charge of web and business requirements.

Eron Villarreal is the wallet and blockchain developer, and Thomas Posey provides technical support for Linux and Windows. Seam Suckerman is in charge of PR and Jason Hickson is in charge of social media. The remaining members are responsible for other areas such as marketing and consulting.

The company attaches great importance to transparency and fairness towards the community. Essentially, the company would like to make cryptocurrencies more socially acceptable. A great many people are still critical of the currency because they lack the information and knowledge about how it truly works.

Neutron Coin – a summary

Neutron is a project that can strongly influence the future of cryptocurrencies. With the further education and knowledge building that this currency provides, cryptocurrencies can spread more quickly and become more accessible. Additional knowledge can change the hearts and minds of even the most critical individual, inspiring trust in all.

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