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MobileGo Coin

What is MobileGo Coin?

MobileGo Coin is the currency of the first mobile gaming platform with its own store in the crypto world. Above all, the company wants to improve the situation of game developers while offering a new, decentralized gaming platform with numerous offers and tournaments.

The MobileGo team

GamesCredit Inc. is responsible for the MobileGo platform. The Serbian company was founded in 2016 by committed gamers. Today, the team consists of over 100 people with 10 offices in five different countries.

The international team has set itself the goal of uniting the entire game world in an ecosystem. The blockchain technology should help to enable a new dimension of gaming. The company believes that the opportunities of the e-sports industry are far from being tapped.

The key members of the team are Sergey Sholom (CEO), Maxim Sholom (Product Director), Nikola Djokic (CTO) and Milos Solujić (Senior Software Architect).

How does the MobileGo platform work?

The MobileGo Store is similar to the Google Play Store. It’s designed to compete with the big Google and Apple vendors. MobileGo Coin plays a central role on the platform. The cryptocurrency is used for all transactions and payments on the platform. The coin can also be collected while playing or distributed in the form of vouchers. For example, when gamers reach a new level on the MobileGo platform, they are rewarded with MobileGo Coins. These can then be used to receive discount coupons for in-app purchases, as an entry to VIP gaming tournaments with real cash prizes, or to qualify as a beta tester for new games.

The company plans to offer more decentralized tournaments in the future, with winners receiving MobileGo Coin. Other planned features of MobileGo include decentralized, player-led tournaments, peer-to-peer match play and a remote P2P marketplace for virtual game articles or enhancements. The centralized gaming tournaments are run by game developers on the platform to promote their games. These tournaments are sponsored tournaments that encourage player participation.

MobileGo secures all transactions and game tournaments on the platform with smart contracts. The aim is to provide maximum security and prevent manipulation of the tournaments.

Who benefits the most from the platform?

Today, game developers have two options to publish their mobile games online: the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. In both stores, developers receive about 30 percent of the income from their sales.

MobileGo wants to create a fairer system for game developers. By rewarding game developers, MobileGo wants to encourage more developers to come to their platform. Currently, the MobileGo platform accounts for only 10 percent of sales. In addition, developers can receive payouts in less than 60 hours, compared to the 60 days they might have to wait on Google or the Apple Store.

Another problem is that developers have to put up with long delays when adding new versions. MobileGo enables fast and easy integration of SDKs. This is achieved through an integration environment where developers can upload their APK file. The system checks Google Play for verification and then downloads the tested APK from there. MobileGo uses this system to ensure quality control while providing timely game updates.

These benefits are designed to encourage developers to offer their games on the MobileGo platform. This can ultimately benefit the players because the more developers participate, the bigger the game offer on the platform. The rewards are another incentive for players and encourage the activity of users. The decentralized tournaments are also designed to give gamers a whole new gaming experience and to make the e-sports industry more popular.

MobileGo Coin

MobileGo uses two blockchains simultaneously. When the user sends Ethereum, they will receive MobileGo Coin based on the ERC-20 token. If paid with another cryptocurrency, they will receive credit on the Waves blockchain.

MobileGo Coin has achieved market capital of US $74,441,659. A daily trading volume of $70,347 is being realized. Of the total of 100,000,000 MobileGo Coins, 98,028,877 are currently in circulation. In the Token Ranking of, MobileGo Coin is in 240th place.


GameCredits Inc. sees the MobileGo platform as a complement to its product range, which should ultimately increase the awareness level and the number of users. MobileGo is an ambitious gaming platform that wants to compete with iTunes and the Google Play Store. To keep up with these giants, MobileGo wants to combine the benefits of blockchain technology with the widespread popularity of mobile games. Since it offers decisive advantages, especially for game developers, it increases the incentive to offer new games on this platform. This will provide the platform with more and more games in the long term and that will attract more gamers.

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