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What is MIST?

MIST is the most important official wallet for the Etherium system. It must be downloaded from the official source located on the Ethereum developer’s site of Github. Downloading the wallet from other sources may put your security at risk and you may lose all of the money in your wallet. For many, it is a better option that Ethereum’s other official wallet, Geth.

On the Github page, you will find the required installation file and your operating system – Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows are all supported. If you are using Ubuntu, you can use a file with the extension .deb.

The bit depth of the operating system (32 or 64-bit) should be taken into account. Installing a wallet is no different from installing other programs for your operating system and should involve the same considerations.

Downloading the Blockchain by MIST

After the installation and the first run, the program will download the Ethereum blockchain. For this, it is recommended you have a high-speed internet connection, though the synchronization of the blockchain may still take several hours. This should be considered before beginning your download.

After syncing, the wallet is almost ready to work. The interface is intuitive and there are no difficulties with the program. You can create multiple addresses or accounts, or you can use just one. The choice is yours.

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