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Cloud Mining by the Antmining Provider Antmining is one of the most common mining providers. Global cloud mining has always been regarded with interest in the cryptocurrency world. After all,… Read more


HashNest – About the Cloud Mining Provider and the Manufacturer of ASICs HashNest is a cloud-based service from one of ASICs’ best-known producers – BITMAIN. The service has been operational… Read more

Genesis Mining 2018 goals

Genesis Mining recently posted an interesting video about the plans for 2018. We bothered our readers and transcribed the entire video.   Hello, everybody. We are already a few weeks… Read more

Omnia Mining

What does Omnia Mining mean? Omnia Mining is one of many Cloud Mining Providers. Since the success of Bitcoin (BTC), many service providers have established themselves as so-called cloud miners.… Read more

Cloud Mining Providers

Which Cloud Mining Providers are recommended? With the growing demand for cryptocurrencies, crypto-mining assumes ever-greater importance as more and more cloud mining providers enter the market. There are three distinct mining… Read more

Genesis Mining Experience

Genesis Mining Experience – what does that mean? Let us explain to you what Genesis Mining Experience means. We at Coin Report have made it our mission to identify and… Read more

HashFlare Experience

What das HashFlare Experience mean? Take a look at our report on our Hashflare (Link from the editor: ) Experience. Here at Coin Report, we test different cloud mining… Read more

Hashflare Interview

A blogger from the US (Jeremy Sciarappa) has had a very interesting 45-minute interview with Hashflare. As a service to our readers, we have had the entire interview transcribed, which… Read more