27 Mining provider comparison for cloud mining

Unfortunately, the subject of mining is not really profitable anymore, that’s why we present you the currently best alternative. Find out more here under the heading Masternodes.

Bitcoin Mining provider comparison:

The Best 27 Cloud Mining providers for 2018

Do you also want to benefit from the current Bitcoin boom? Mining on your own computer is no longer a commercial proposition. You need professional equipment in countries where the costs of power and the temperatures are low, so there is little power needed for cooling.

This is exactly what our 4 Cloud Mining providers offer. They produce Bitcoins for you every day and retain around 25% of their revenues, which is then used to buy the equipment and finance the electricity costs and on-going operation.

Cloud mining comparison

Which profits are possible with an example of 1.000 Dollar with the 21 providers? Always keep in mind that these are just forecasts, as the difficulty level of mining continues to increase.

Our tip for those who are not yet 100% convinced: Just sign up now and just close a Mining contract for 100 Dollar. Your risk of loss is very low. And if you actually look for e.g. 4 months like Hashflare has got used money back, you can still complete another mining contract.

Our personal quality criteria for our recommendations

  • We have our own accounts at all recommended providers and invest ourselves
  • We research all providers and write detailed experience reports (e.g. Hashflare experiences, Invia World experiences, Genesis Mining experiences and Hashing24 experiences).
  • We have looked at a lot of Bitcoin mining providers. We do not like many of them. Only those we like can be found in our Bitcoin Cloud Mining comparison
  • We write regular updates to the individual mining providers.
  • If we cannot recommend one of the providers at some point, we will, of course, inform our readers
  • We ourselves have now invested over 100,000 Dollar. This is the best proof that we are convinced by the providers.
5 stars for Hashflare – our recommendation

Our personal recommendation for Bitcoin Mining is currently Hashflare. We ourselves are so convinced by Bitcoin Cloud Mining using Hashflare that we have invested 100,000 Dollar. More details about the provider can be found in our review. Register now on-line, choose how much money you want to invest and then pay by bank transfer, credit card or with Bitcoins.

Our tip: register today and just pay 100 Dollar. Once you see that everything is going well and seriously, you can simply make another deposit.

5 stars for Invia World – thanks to a long running time
Invia World is our second recommendation. Yields are nowhere near as good as Hashflare. However, you have the advantage with Invia that their Bitcoin Mining contract runs for 3 years, as opposed to 1 year at Hashflare.
Of course, we ourselves also invested in Invia and have written an experience report on it.
So, if you are a little patient, you can do better with Invia World in the long term.Our tip: also register with Invia today and pay here also just 100 Dollar. After the waiting period of 30 days, you simply look at the results and then simply make another deposit.
4 stars for Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is an exceptional provider. As the contracts run here over a lifetime, it is lifelong. And why is Genesis Mining then not our absolute recommendation? There are two reasons for this: first, you have to wait 3 months after the money has been deposited to start mining. And for another, Genesis is currently sold out.
Of course, you can still register at the moment. And as soon as Genesis releases new contracts again, you can strike immediately. You can read our experience report on our investment here.

3 stars for Hashing24

Hashing24 is our fourth recommendation in our comparison. The advantage here is that the mining does not begin as in Genesis until after 3 months. Also the yields are very good from the viewpoint of 3 and 5 years. You can look at our experience report of Hashing24 here.Since Hashing24 has been perpetually sold out for some time, we are currently only awarding 3 stars. As soon as the Mining is available again, we will adjust our rating again.

How exactly is the process for you as a customer?

Basically, the process is very simple. You open an account with one of the providers. You register with your e-mail address and address.
Then choose how much money you want to invest. That can be 100 Dollar and could also be 50,000 Dollar. The choice is yours.
Afterwards, you pay your contract. This is done by bank transfer, credit card or Bitcoins.

Depending on the provider, you then have a waiting period until your Bitcoin Mining starts. Hashflare starts immediately, Invia World after 30 days, Genesis Mining after 3 months and Hashing24 immediately.
The reason for the waiting period is that the technology has to be bought in part after your deposit or in any case must be made ready for use. It is also possible, for example, that Hashflare may eventually have a waiting period.

Now that your mining contract has started, Bitcoins are being mined daily for you. So you do not receive your income initially at the end of the term but daily. For all very careful readers, these are really very good conditions. Daily payment reduces your risk of loss day by day.

Now that you have received your first Mining results, the Bitcoins are at your chosen cloud mining provider.

Since Bitcoins are not transferred like a Dollar amount, you will need a so-called wallet afterwards. You can imagine this to be like a purse. We have our wallet at Blockchain.info
So as soon as you have your first Bitcoin results, transfer them to your wallet via a Blockchain address. There you can then sell the Bitcoins and the sales proceeds will be credited to your own giro account at your personal bank.

As you can see, participating in the current Bitcoin Mining boom is easy.

Note on risks

* The yields per day are constantly changing. This is due to the nature of Bitcoin Mining.
Due to the constantly changing so-called difficulty and the constantly changing market price of Bitcoins, the mentioned yields and returns are always only a snapshot, which unfortunately do not allow a prognosis for the future.

The yield per day or extrapolated over several years, also represents only a theoretical forecast, which is constantly changing.
Of course, there is always the risk of a bankruptcy, a worldwide Bitcoin ban or similar dangers.

1 Comment

  • Avatar Ives schreibt:

    I am relatively new to the ecosystem, although I have been following it since few years ago.
    My first approach was to mine locally which I still do but not as I used to. Then I tried cloud mining. At that time I was unaware of your service, which I would have great to have at that time. Either way, I learned the hard way. I did buy some Hashpower from various cloud mining providers.
    The first attempt was very low, just to be sure that the company was working as adverticed. Did some with Genesis, also with Minergate, more recently I bought some with Nuvoo and a few more with MiningFit. (I am to evaluate two more, one of your recomendations Hashflare for ETH mining and Bitforx.
    This whole text is just to share with you my insights as a customer of the ones I have worked with in a while.
    Genesis – You recomend them but I really don’t know, they are having problems in the ETH withrawals since many months ago and they havent fixed it. The yield is not that good, at least for ETH. Their support is somehow slow and there is no way you can see yout balance. From anvery hashpower you buy from them you won’t see the returns until their fee is paid… (don’t know, don’t really like that)
    Minergate – is one of the best minig apps to mine locally (althought for ETH mining I find it a little slow, I better use claymore, what I think is thei upside down is the fees, I find them really high. I mine with them on their cloud mining XMR. XMO (which was forced) BTC the returns are low.
    Nuvoo is the best web app I have tried, the video feed gives you a certain amount of peace. I ahvent seen retrns yet since I am waiting for the mining to begin. I have waited for about a month now and wont begin until the 15th. The support is the best, if you finthe their timezone useful to you, since they operate at office hours in EST
    And finally, MiningFit. I have seen a lot of bad comments of their service, some in fact throwing at them that there is no company and so on. I have been with them since December and ther hasn’t been a day where my mining results have not been deposited. I have withrawn my initial investment just to be safe, and keep reinvesting everything. I had some trouble once and contacted the support team without problems, they resolved my issue although they charged me a big fee for that. I am ok with it since the returns are the best I have seen.
    Love your service and would be really great to let people write on their experiences. Naturally there would be needed some type of validation to stay free from bots.
    Please feel free to contact me back if you need mor about those providers. and in a couple of months I may have some more info about Nuvoo and Bitforx which is not in your DB.

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