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Masternode Pool – How GetNode Changes the Masternode Market

Masternode Pool – Introduction

Masternodes have long been known in the crypto scene as an exciting alternative to mining. Those who invested their money in Masternodes in 2017 suffered a severe loss in 2018 as well as in mining. Many crypto currencies lost up to 95% of their value and the master nodes became almost worthless. In contrast to mining, where the hardware cannot be used for other applications, the masternode sector now offers new opportunities. The company and the club GetNode have learned from the developments in 2017 and 2018 and are now offering a so-called Masternode Pool. In this article we explain what this is all about.

The market – exciting prices for a start

In 2017 a Dash Masternode cost nearly 700.000$, today it is available for less than 100.000$. Dash is considered by many crypto experts and investors as a serious competition for the Bitcoin. That the Dash will reach a value of $300 or even $1000 at some point is quite realistic. A Dash Masternode earns about 6-7% per year in the form of Block Rewards. With an investment of 95.000$ for a Dash Masternode and 7% interest on a possible value of 500.000$ or even more in the future, enormous levers arise here.

A further exciting example is Bitcoin Green (BITG), this Masternode Coin cost already scarcely 10$, today the price keeps itself quite stable between 1$ and 1.50$. With a yield of 110% per year a very exciting masternode coin. We run our own 3 Bitcoin Green Masternode. The idea at Bitcoin Green is an ecological alternative to the Bitcoin with its Proof of Work Consensus process.

Like these two examples, there are currently some on the Masternode market. Many exciting and promising projects are currently massively undervalued and promise high returns by operating a Masternode. Of course, prices could fall further, but we believe that there is already a realistic chance of the opposite.

If you only look at the annual yield, you’re making the wrong calculations

At you get an overview of the annual yield of a masternode in percent (%). As an example, with Bitcoin Green you get 110% of the annual distribution in the form of Bitcoin Green as Block Reward. From 100 Euros to 110 Euros purely mathematically. Of course, this calculation is not wrong, but it neglects the compound interest effect. The block rewards of a coin are of course not distributed once a year but daily. If you operate 10 Bitcoin Green Masternode, you could theoretically create another Masternode every month from the yields. The resulting leverage is, of course, much more than 110%.

Of course there is a risk of exchange rate when holding a Masternode coin. So if you don’t take 100% of your income but maybe 50% and build your masternode structure further than it is, you profit from a constant cost average (“average cost effect”) when purchasing.

From a portfolio of 100 Bitcoin, a masternode pool becomes stable.

The problem with the master nodes is of course the direct price fixing to the corresponding coin. 1000% yield is not much use if the coin becomes worthless within a few days.

It is therefore advisable to buy master nodes that have been on the market for a while. In addition, master nodes with high entry hurdles are much more stable in price. The concept of GetNodes serves just this principle. 80% of the MasterNodes are quite expensive and generate a high but still moderate return. 10% of the coins already move in the high risk range and the remaining 10% speculate with master nodes, whose yield is well over 10,000% per year. A large amount of money is needed to build such a pool or portfolio. GetNote already operates a masternode pool with a value of almost 300 Bitcoin. (03.12.2018). Each buyer thus receives a certain share of the masternode upon entry and benefits from the stability of the pool.

Cost Average Effect x 2

GetNote and its Club members profit twice from the Cost Average Effect, once when buying and when selling the coins. As the constantly fresh capital flows into the club, the pool continues to grow daily and the company buys itself into the market at an extremely low price.

At the same time GetNode sells the profits from its master nodes daily against Bitcoin. With rising prices the inventory value rises and the yields and with falling prices you get more Bitcoin for the same number of coins.

Of course, master nodes are also a miraculous increase in money, behind which is a sophisticated portfolio strategy and the use of various proven instruments on the financial market. The decision for or against an own Masternode Pool is superfluous with the existence of GetNodes in my opinion.

Of course there are also risks

Anyone who does not point out risks in this area is dubious. There is always a risk of a total loss in the crypto market. Why?

  • The Bitcoin as a payout currency can become worthless.
  • GetNode could be hacked (The company assured us that it would already build up reserves for such cases).
  • An own masternode pool could also be hacked.
  • All Masternode Coins could become worthless

These and other risks naturally exist. Due to the high ROI of the GetNode system we estimate the risk quite moderate. Finally, it is also important to differentiate, do I calculate the ROI in Bitcoin or do I calculate it in USD or Euro? If I invest 1 Bitcoin and get 1.5 BTC back, but the Bitcoin has lost 80% of its value, will I still make a profit? Please always be aware of this before making a purchase.

Advantages of GetNode

However, with all indications of risks, we should again list the advantages here:

  • Deposit in Euro possible
  • As already described, double Cost Average Effect for customers
  • Payout every two weeks automatically in Bitcoin
  • Interest income / BlockReward are paid daily
  • Managed pool by GetNode, ergo no effort for its members
  • Fast and friendly support via e-mail
  • Full investment in Masternodes, company earns only if you earn too
  • Transparent and simple back office
  • Support in German and English language
  • Passive income
  • After 180 days you can dissolve “your master nodes” again and get back the current equivalent value.
  • Automatic reinvest soon possible in the back office
  • Security through KYC

Conclusion about GetNode

The company acts as a club and is based in Malta. This circumstance is no longer unusual in today’s world and rather normal in the crypto market. However, never invest more money than you are willing to lose. We ourselves have invested 1.2 Bitcoin in GetNode and will soon report on the results with a field report.

So far GetNode works very serious and transparent. A special feature for us is that the full amount of our money has been invested in MasterNodes. GetNode only takes 25% of the profit. Therefore, GetNode only earns money when it is profitable. A fair deal from my point of view for customer and distribution.

If you have made experiences with the company or with the topic MasterNodes, you write gladly a comment under this article. We are looking forward to your feedback and will keep you up to date on the Krypto Magazine.

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