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Linx Coin

What is Linx Coin?

Since Linx Coin was only launched in June 2017, this new currency is one of the youngest Altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. Linx Coin was created primarily as a currency for the music industry.

Trading in the electronic music business is to be simplified and made available to everyone. Although the use of coins is mainly in the music industry, the currency can also be used for other purposes.

Linx Coin in numbers

As of February 9, 2018, Linx Coin had a current market capitalization of $1,910,495, according to The daily trading volume of this cryptocurrency was $14,890. Linx Coin had a circulating offer of 16,967,845 LINX and a total offer of 17,967,845 LINX.

The maximum market capitalization of the currency is 100,000,000 LINX. Linx Coin currently ranks #656 in’s ranking. The trajectory of Linx Coin has experienced several highs and some lows and thus does not seem very stable.

What is Linx Coin?

Linx Coin bears the ticker symbol LINX and uses Scrypt as the PoW (Proof-of-Work) algorithm.

There is no need for a special computer or technology to mine Linx coins. Every user can mine coins from their home PC via GPU or ASICs. These very simple conditions make mining very appealing to any user around the world. Linx is able to respond and reach more people in this way.

Linx coins have an average block time of 60 seconds, which is very fast compared to other cryptocurrencies. This speed sets Linx apart from its competitors. The block size is 2MB, which makes Linx a working transaction currency.

The wallet for Linx is currently developed for Windows, Ubuntu and the macOS operating system and is, therefore, highly compatible with these systems.

A mobile wallet is also offered for the Android operating system. Compatible Coinomi HD software turns the wallet into a “Multi Coin Wallet” but is currently available exclusively for Android. Other systems, such as for iOS, are still under development.

Within the wallet, Linx Coins can be kept and traded, as well as other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

The specially developed “Paper Wallet Generator” describes a website that can be optimally downloaded and executed by the user via a separate Internet connection. This will then create a private offline key for the wallet user.

To ensure high security, this key should be printed and kept safe. The particularly high level of security is ensured by the fact that the key is created offline and no third party can track the process.

What is this type of cryptocurrency used for?

Linx Coin is designed to make electronic music trading on the Internet easier and more accessible to everyone. CDs or cassettes are hardly ever bought nowadays, and more and more people get their music online, where you can choose exactly what you want.

Radio stations, bands, DJs, fans, producers and organizers of music events all stand to profit from this new currency.

The team behind Linx Coin got in touch with key players in the music industry and major providers at a very early stage. LinxPay should be accepted as a payment method by these providers and thus made possible for everyone. This means of payment is subject to each provider itself.

Who is behind Linx Coin?

Linx Coin was launched on June 16, 2017, on the relevant online exchanges. The team behind Linx Coin has a great affinity to music, especially online.
No information has been released about the development team and the people responsible for Linx.

The developers are constantly working on Linx, especially on their own wallet. The goal is to be able to offer the wallet for several systems in the next few years in order to facilitate a larger group of users.


Linx Coin is used to make electronic music trading easy for everyone. Linx Coin is used primarily as a possible payment method. The price of LINX fluctuates a lot, which does not make trading directly calculable. A white paper for this cryptocurrency does not yet exist.

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