Posted on: 11. April 2018

Ledger Nano S Iota

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What does Ledger Nano S Iota mean?

Ledger Nano S Iota iis a wallet for cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency, also known as digital currency, is a decentralised and secure means of payment.

Up until recently, it’s only been used by the private sector. Anyone who wants to participate in this payment system or wants to use cryptocurrency mines needs a wallet.

The wallet is a digital one, similar to an online bank account. This can be used to participate in the blockchain network.

This means that transactions can be executed as well as viewed. There are Online Wallets, Desktop Wallets, as well as Ledger Wallets.


Ledger Nano S Iota – Ledger Wallets with the Highest Security

The ledger can best be described as a General Ledger or Account Book. Information is stored in it. The Ledger Wallet is among the options, probably standing as the safest one. With the Nano S ledger, the cryptocurrency is located on an external device.

It is only connected to the internet, a PC or laptop for sending or receiving digital currency. There are several private keys in the digital wallet. They communicate directly with the blockchain.

If the Ledger Wallet is located on an external memory device, it is more secure against hacker attacks or other breaches. In addition, each user is then responsible for security themselves.

Ledger wallets are connected to a meticulously encrypted account. Bitcoin and other currencies are optimally protected against this risk. If you don’t keep large amounts of money in your online wallet, you needn’t worry about security as much.

This can be used for daily use to store larger amounts of digital currency offline. People with a high need for security can significantly minimise risks with the ledger wallet.

The Ledger Nano S is an easy-to-use hardware wallet, offering high security and affordability. Remember, this hardware is not used for storing digital currency.

The ledger wallet is a private key that has access to and signs off the external hardware.


Ledger Nano S – Small Stick Offers Great Potential

The Ledger Wallet is a compact device made of high-grade materials. The integrity is verified by a cryptic certificate. It is based on a dual-chip architecture.

It’s incredibly easy to operate with just two buttons and it's also safe and fully functional. To use it requires a network browser, such as Google Chrome or Chromium, along with a USB port. It is compatible with Windows and Mac.

It can additionally be used with Android smartphones. The ledger never stores the user’s private key and it is not accessible to third parties. With the Nano S ledger, the digital stock exchange remains decentralised and sees itself as the sole bank of the user.

The Nano S ledger also supports different coins. Ledger Nano S does not currently support IOTA Coin.

Ledger Nano S IOTA – IOTA not currently ledger compatible

IOTA coins are interesting for many fans of cryptocurrency, especially as there are no transaction fees. For users carrying out many transactions, this is a big advantage.

IOTA is currently under development. Users are only happy to wish for secure storage of digital money. As already mentioned, an external wallet means much higher levels of security are realised.

Unfortunately, this is not possible with IOTA< because this coin and others aren’t currently supported. With IOTA, it could be that this cryptocurrency does not use the same blockchain technology.

We assume that the Nano S ledger will be upgraded in the future. Until now, users of IOTA have only been able to access the traditional paper wallet. Nevertheless, we must not forget the advantages.

Other coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others could also be managed with protection on the ledger. Certainly, many users would find such a ledger highly desirable.

Despite its plus points, many users consistently criticise the limited coin selection of the Ledger Nano S Iota.


The new generation of wallets by Ledger Nano S Iota

The Ledger Wallet came as a blessing to many users. Some people have been worried about the security of their coins from hacker attacks. In addition, many crypto users have a portfolio of different types of digital money that are not easy to manage.

Depositing coins in different wallets requires time and skilled handling. On a positive note, the Nano S ledger can be used to safely manage the most popular forms of coins.

Less positive points are that not all coins are supported. Ledger from France currently offers the latest hardware wallet for digital currencies with its Nano S ledger. Ledger was founded in 2014 and specialises in cryptographic currencies and blockchain applications.

The device is connected to the computer via a pin secured by a USB cable supplied with the device. Once connected, further operation is an assuredly smooth ride with the Ledger Nano S Iota.

Conclusion on Ledger Nano S Iota

The Nano S Ledger is a safe and user-friendly hardware wallet that can be recommended with a clear conscience. It can be used as an indispensable private financial institution.

Transactions are very easy to carry out using the ledger. Private keys remain secured on the device. Safety has top priority on this device. According to the manufacturer information, no malicious software can be installed on it.

Downloaded apps are also safe. One small weakness is that there’s relatively little memory space available. However, if there’s not enough space, unessential apps can be removed with ease.

If the vendor delivers in the future with the ledger made compatible with IOTA, a boost in sales is almost certainly guaranteed. We appreciate that the Ledger Nano S Iota is a safe and reliable option and we advocate it’s application whole-heartedly.


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