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Ledger Nano S for Litecoin

Ledger Nano S for Litecoin– lots of capability for little capital

The Ledger Nano S for Litecoin is another fine offering from French hardware wallet manufacturer, Ledger SAS. Litecoin (LTC) is an attractive option if you wish to carry out many transactions. The key term here is “near zero costs”, with excessively high fees a thing of the past.

With the Ledger Nano S, you get simplicity, convenience and security as standard. You’ll need to be running Windows 7 or higher, or macOS 10.8 or higher on your computer to use it.

Additionally, make sure your device runs Google Chrome or Chromium. Android and iOS are currently not supported. A small amount of preparation is required before Litecoins can safely be managed by the Nano S.

Remove the Ledger Nano S from its packing, then connect it to your computer with the USB cable provided. When prompted, enter a four-digit PIN. Do this via the device keys. By pressing both device buttons simultaneously, you’ll be able to confirm both single and overall PIN numbers. In the next step, the ledger prompts you to record 24 individual recovery words.

Use the included recovery card for this step. It is important to work carefully here, so write down all the words in turn. Be careful though – you will not be able to restore your Litecoin wallet at a later date without this list.

Ledger Nano S for Litecoin – how to install the wallet

The Ledger Nano S for Litecoin prompts you to enter randomly selected recovery words in the device. For example, enter the fifth word. You can do this by using the device keys. Each letter and the entire word is confirmed by pressing the keys simultaneously.

If all retrieved recovery words have been entered correctly, the device will automatically be ready for operation. You can now select whether to create a new wallet on the device.

Alternatively, an existing wallet can be restored. Start by selecting the option to install a new wallet. Here you can choose from two installation options. The first option is the direct installation of the wallet app. You should select the tab “Apps” on the Ledger SAS website.

Litecoin uses the Bitcoin wallet on the Nano S. Download and install it. The second option is the previous installation of the Ledger Manager. Both options lead to the same end result.

If you choose the Ledger Manager, as we would recommend, access it via the manufacturer website. The download will start and the management program installs itself in Google Chrome. If everything is installed, you should start the Ledger Manager. The Ledger Manager interface opens for further actions after entering the PIN on the device.

Ledger Nano S for Litecoin installation steps

You should now take time to look at the user interface of the Ledger Manager. You can choose from the available wallets found in this list, which are clearly listed. Select the green arrow next to the corresponding entry. The associated wallet is then installed on the hardware wallet.

You’ll want Ledger Nano S for Litecoin to be the result, so we choose Litecoin and confirm the installation on the ledger. Once the installation is complete, close the Ledger Manager.

The hardware wallet is now ready to work with Litecoins. As a reminder, Litecoin uses the Bitcoin wallet on the Ledger Nano S. Both cryptocurrencies use the same blockchain, so don’t get confused. To work with the Ledger Nano S, you should deactivate browser support.

To do this, open the Litecoin app on your device. Use the right button to scroll to “Settings”. Confirm with both keys. Then press the right button again until you reach the “Browser Support” menu item. Now press both buttons, select “No” and confirm your selection.

Now you can start Flux, the Bitcoin-Chrome app on your computer. It starts immediately and synchronizes itself with the wallet.

How to use the Ledger Nano S for Litecoin

To start using the Ledger Nano S for Litecoin, enter the PIN. Once started, you can send and receive cryptocurrency with the device itself. You can also use the hardware wallet to access your account balance information.

If the Ledger Nano S is not connected to your computer, it cannot be opened. This makes it incredibly secure. The only way to access your wallet is to launch it while connected to your computer and input the PIN. It is not possible to launch the app on your computer without the hardware wallet connected.

It is protected from hacker attacks and other erroneous activity, so you can rest assured your coins are always safe and sound. You must confirm each sent transaction on the device itself. The hardware wallet will inform you via the display about currency amounts, recipient names and address details.

You’ll need to confirm each of these by using the keys on the device. This thorough process ensures no more mistakes when sending Litecoins. Nothing happens without you having full control over it. There’s no better way to manage your Litecoin transactions. The Ledger Nano S is therefore a highly recommended option for anyone who deals in Litecoins.

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