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Kryptos start strong into the new week

On your way to the magic boundary?

Bitcoin and company are getting off to a good start this week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average can confirm the recovery of the past week and the BTC bulls smell their chance. After the resistance at 9400 USD has been overcome, there are only a few hurdles left on the way to the five-digit USD range. Let’s take a look at the current market situation.

Bitcoin price current

At the time of writing, the leading crypto currency is trading at $9495 USD, a daily gain of 1.45%. In the past 24 hours, the trading volume has increased by approximately USD 3 billion. However, many indicators suggest that investors’ purchasing power is not yet sufficient to break the magic USD 10000 mark.

USD 10000 mark in the coming hours?

From a bullish perspective, the next resistance levels are now at 9600 USD and 9800 USD. An advance into the five-digit USD range could make mainstream headlines. On the downside, support levels of $9200 and $9000 have proven to be a reliable base. The traditional markets have a stable start to the new week. As such, the foundation has been laid for a new bull run of the No.1 crypto currency. Countless futures contracts expire on 26 June. The so-called “covenant” could lead to a volatile quarterly result.

Ethereum ahead of the USD 250 mark

Ethereum can rely on the support at around $231 and is now targeting the important mark at $250. With a price gain of 4.70%, the best-known Altcoin conjures the best performance out of the top 20 onto the crypto floor. The miners apparently trust in a long-term bull run, according to recent news HODLn most miners their rewards.

These Altcoins deliver the strongest performance

VeChain (+ 7.29 %), Ontology (+ 8.34 %) and Digibyte (+ 23.10 %) are getting a real dream start into the new week. Meanwhile Cardano pushes the coin from rank 10 and the Bitcoin Dominance Index drops to 64.4% on Monday, but it is still far from being an Altcoin Season.

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