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IOTA with upward trend

IOTA in focus

IOTA was able to record a price increase of approx. 40 % last week. Today, Monday, the Internet of Things-Coin continues this performance and delivers the best performance among the Top 50-Coins with a daily increase of about 12 %. But there are also negative headlines from IOTA. We take a look at the current events in cryptospace.

IOTA course in detail

With a rate of 0.35 USD, IOTA ranks 18th in the crypto charts. The previous week opened at a rate of 0.24 USD. Since then, traders have invested more than 250 million USD in IOTA. With the so-called “Chrysalis Update” IOTA wants to give the network a new strength. In the future, IOTA users can look forward to a top value of approximately 200 transactions per second.

Bittex Listing

Another reason for the IOTA bull run could be the listing on Bittrex Global. Bittrex is one of the best known exchanges in the cryptospace industry and rumors about an IOTA listing have been circulating through various crypto forums for some time. These have now been confirmed. Currently there is a lot of news that speaks for a rising share price, but not all of them…

Dispute between Ivancheglo and Sonstebo

The positive news was dampened on Sunday evening by the disputes between IOTA founding member Sergei Ivancheglo and David Sonstebo. In a tweet, Ivancheglo initially expressed himself as follows: “I am informing the #IOTA community that I am no longer working with David Sonstebo and I am contacting my lawyers to get my 25 Ti from him. He refuses to transfer the Iotas, so that I must act for his own benefit and against mine.” The “25 Ti” stand for 25 million MIOTA, which have a current headwind of about 7 million USD. According to this, Sonstebo had refused to transfer the 25 million MIOTA.

Quick response from Sonstebo

An answer from Sonstebo followed in no time at all via Discord: “Everyone calm down. After CFB [Twitter name of Ivancheglo] left the IOTA Foundation almost a year ago and sold all its IOTAS to thaw Paracosm, we finally agreed last week to separate the ways amicably and professionally. And why? Because he rejects all progress of the IOTA Foundation (chrysalis and coordicide). I single-handedly elected him to the board of the IOTA Foundation to lead the development of the Coo-less IOTA architecture. He was given carte blanche to fulfill his promises and prove that he had a better solution. We all know that this failed and as a result he decided to leave the IOTA Foundation while still insisting that he would have the last word (which would mean no chrysalis and no coordicide)”. Conciliatory words sound different.

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