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InvestFeed Coin

InvestFeed Coin: the first smart social network with a token

InvestFeed Coin has created the first intelligent social network and a market access platform (browser and mobile) intended for the community of cryptocurrency systems. The platform will allow the community to build professional relationships, learn from each other, manage their wallets and share ideas with each other.

The company

The company has existed since 2014 and has a fully integrated social investment platform with many social networks. This is a planned product and it exists today. The application of the InvestFeed social network for Android and iOS is available in the respective app stores. InvestFeed has experience and a proven track record that supports a platform that meets the needs of users.

The platform

InvestFeed Coin is an operating platform that has seen more than 15,000 users and more than 200,000 live broadcasts since inception. The funding of the project is strong and allows the team to offer a new social cryptocurrency network to the market.

The technical documentation now available with a detailed description of the plan can be found at The InvestFeed platform is, in a sense, a social network where users can create profiles, rate comments and connect with each other.

The token

InvestFeed Coin provides direct channel transfer for all upcoming crypto conversions and projects, based on a currency ticker or project name. Participants can interact with these channels in the following ways: Users can publish articles, and download and upload videos.

InvestFeed Coin allows participants to place transactions directly on the platform using their existing Ethereum cryptocurrency accounts, Bitcoin accounts, stock market and wallet accounts.

What problems does the InvestFeed platform solve?

  • The lack of a centralized hub for news, data and social chats. Messages can be sent via crypto terminals
  • Lack of attention to new coins and projects
  • Previously, content creators were not rewarded or paid enough for the excellent material that attracts the community and adds value to the platform.

The platform can solve all the above problems.

Ethereum allows the creation of ERC20 tokens that can be used in the system as a substitute for intermediaries. In the InvestFeed system, FEED tokens (IFT, InvestFeed Coin) will play a key role in providing economic incentives, so that people’s rational behavior leads to a common benefit.

FEED tokens provide the following features:

They enable you to give and receive incentives for excellent content. With InvestFeed Coin, you can buy premium content, such as articles or videos, from other participants. The token allows you to purchase free content on the platform. Your content can be promoted using the ‘Boost’ feature, by posting a sponsorship link or video to attract paying customers.

The token format

The tokens will be in the standard ERC20 format, so they can be easily integrated or viewed on any other platform as required. All code will be publicly available in repositories and can be reviewed by anyone who wishes to do so.

The InvestFeed Coin team launched an open sale of the tokens to raise funds for the InvestFeed project to develop and complement additional features on the platform. At least 1,500 Ethers, but a maximum of 28,000 Ethers, were available at the time of sale.

The user can buy FEED tokens using any number of Ethers, including a fraction of an Ether, such as 0.0023 ETH. In addition, the company has offered discounts for early investors. The earlier you bought, the better the price of the tokens.

Objectives of the project

Since launching the InvestFeed platform, the company continues to grow and delight its users with innovation. The team plans to continue working in the same way in the future, providing even more ways in which users can use their own tokens. This is just the beginning of a new ecosystem.

InvestFeed Coin gives investors the opportunity to make more rational investment decisions by using the ideas of stocks and the research of senior investors and funds. Real-time alerts are available when the investor completes a deal. For more in-depth knowledge of the project, or if you would like to participate in it, it is a good idea to visit the project resources.

Key attributes of the token

The FEED token fee is set by the content provider and can be set on a time-based subscription level or on the release of a single content.

At InvestFeed, members can place trades directly on the platform using their existing cryptocurrency accounts in exchanges or wallets, or via third-party integration.

Some premium features

  • Multiple account portfolio aggregation with advanced trader tools
  • For technical analysis, there is a cryptocurrency screener tool
  • Advanced portfolio analysis and robo-advisory algorithms
  • Backtesting tools for data analysis and quantitative trading strategies.


For a utility token, some of the FEED token uses mentioned may not be out of the ordinary, but with so many premium content features, the FEED token still makes sense as an investment. The platform is ready to be deployed and is a social platform for the cryptocurrency community like no other.

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