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What is ment by the term ICONOMI Coin (ICN)?

ICONOMI Coin is a cryptocurrency that enables you to quickly perform financial operations, transfers and transactions, and keep the information secret.

If cryptocurrencies were previously dismissed for theoretical ties to criminal activity, it’s safe to say everything is reversed today. Many governments and international companies have begun to actively integrate these mechanisms into their work.

Even traditionalists, who have been slow to take advantage of this innovation, have adjusted their stance. Bitcoin paved the way, but as time goes on, the market is making room for more and more projects, such as ICONOMI Coin – a cryptocurrency that offers considerable functionality and some innovations that will soon overtake its “big brother”.

What is ICONOMI Coin?

ICONOMI is a decentralized currency, whose creators offer potential investors the opportunity to achieve super-profits. They understand that in the traditional financial system, it’s almost impossible to do that, which is why they have developed new financial instruments. It is expected that ICONOMI Coin will attract a large number of investors, who in turn will invest fresh capital.

ICONOMI aims to create a reliable connection between the economies of the old and the new. The creators of the cryptocurrency insist that the management of virtual money is made completely transparent and in accordance with the laws of the European Union.

New financial instruments

The developers of the innovative system have proposed a number of new tools for the companies.

  • Index funds: This option will reflect the most likely development of the cryptocurrency market. Thus, the investor can invest his money without taking too much risk.
  • Performance funds: A means to ensure that the realized investments work. A specially designed program looks for the cheapest opportunities for investment in start-ups and potential companies.
  • Open fund management: A specialized platform that is a simple management tool. With their help, professional stockbrokers can create their own mutual funds so they can manage different assets.

Why is ICONOMI Coin interesting?

Holders of these tokens receive substantial dividends in the form of Ethers. The dividend base consists of all income received by the company for a certain period. These can be incentive premiums or management fees. At the same time, payments are stable, which is a significant difference to other investment projects.

After launching the official OFM platform, ICONOMI will gain access to new revenue streams. In this case, incentive or management fees will increase steadily.

The creators insist that all owners of ICN tokens will be able to have a say in the most important development points of this cryptocurrency, for example, who should be the service operator. In addition, token holders can join the open-ended investment fund.

Guaranteed results

The cryptocurrency developers are confident that their project can bring real returns to investors and have established the following rule: if a project based on ICONOMI does not yield 2,000 BTC in one year, all investments will be returned in full. At the same time, they issue a special debit card, which can be used at any ATM.

Why should I participate in ICONOMI?

The economy is in the phase of global change, therefore, it is best to entrust your money to investment projects that can both guarantee security and increase funds. ICONOMI is the first financial management platform for a decentralized economy and is an original mix of the crypto world and modern business.

The project

The project has already shown concrete results. For example, in the first few weeks of crowdfunding, ICN collected about 5,000 Bitcoins, achieving the minimum target of 2,000 Bitcoins in just six days. Experts assure that the more seed money the project has, the faster the product will be developed. New features and simplifications in functionality are being developed every day.

The creators rely on the fast availability of new products, so they’ve developed a detailed plan in which more new investment funds will expedite their operations.

Concrete results of this cryptocurrency have already been achieved. The cryptocurrency is now paired with Bitcoin, which shows the stability of the project and guarantees a simple exchange. Investors are assured that their investment will receive close attention. If everything goes according to the plan of the creators, we will witness the birth of a strong cryptocurrency.

How it works

With its extensive list of intuitive and unique tools, ICONOMI enables users with diverse levels of investment knowledge to easily invest in multiple virtual assets. It also offers a combination of these, referred to as digital asset arrays, with the possibility of further management.

DAA is the basis of ICONOMI and may consist of a different number of underlying assets, depending on the goals set. For example, the creation of heterogeneous funds will maximize value stability, while risk-averse funds will be accompanied by an aggressive race for the highest returns.

The ICONOMI platform is a “meeting place” for DAA managers and investors. The former formulate their strategies for generating capital and present it to the community. The latter, by their own actions, select the most promising ones from the proposed strategies and invest their virtual assets in them.


In the current economic realities, where it is almost impossible to predict the next change in financial markets and flows, it is becoming increasingly important to invest in projects that could safeguard capital preservation and growth. Against this backdrop, the ICONOMI Coin cryptocurrency is the ideal candidate.

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