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HyperStake Coin

What is the HyperStake Coin?

HyperStake Coin is an advanced blockchain platform that distributes generous rewards to users without the need for specialized mining equipment. Instead, the developers focus on developing one of the leading proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies.

An aggressive roadmap for 2018 was presented for this purpose. In addition, a new white paper announced the HyperChain project. Based on this white paper, the entire project will be self-financed.

The basic idea behind the HyperStake coin is that this will be the best cryptocurrency for long-term investment. The proof-of-stake algorithm distributes comparatively high returns to investors. This approach should ensure that investments work and that there is no loss of value due to continued inflation.

Through advanced staking tools, users have full control over the staking strategy, which can maximize revenue. According to the developers, the most advanced wallet available for a proof-of-stake currency is being developed. In order to focus on growth in 2018, new business models will also be implemented in the blockchain.

These new business models have not yet been communicated and should be determined by close coordination with the community. This approach is followed because the HyperStake coin is a currency that is being developed for the community.

What is the Roadmap of the HyperStake Coin Developers?

To further the development of the HyperStake coin, the developers have adopted a roadmap for 2018. The first step is to publish an updated white paper. Subsequently, the blockchain will be extended by a voting feature. Furthermore, an extension of the website should follow in the first quarter of 2018, so that interested parties and users can receive more information.

The second quarter will focus on the financing and testing of the network. This is because the developers want to define and plan a self-financed marketing campaign. In addition, the development budget for the coming years should be determined and financed by the issue of HyperStake tokens.

The entire second quarter will be used to test the service, so there will be no user issues on the final launch. In the third quarter, a light wallet will be released, which is based on Javascript and can be used on multiple devices.

In addition, a security feature will be implemented and marketed under the name HyperChain. Finally, the fourth quarter will be used to publish a multi-signature technology, which will be used for transactions in the portal.

This should make the blockchain safer and generate an advantage over other blockchains. The publication of a web portal for paper wallets is also planned according to the roadmap for the fourth quarter of 2018.

How Can the HyperStake Coin be Purchased?

To buy the HyperStake coin, one must have a wallet. The developers have introduced various forms, which are suitable for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows or the Raspberry Pi. Mobile device versions will not be available at the beginning of 2018, but they will be released later along with the latest edition.

If the ideal wallet already exists, then the wallet can be found on a suitable trading platform. According to the developers, the wallet is currently trading on Cryptopia, Bitcoin Thailand and CoinExchange. However, it is important that a verified and activated user account is first created for these platforms, otherwise, transactions cannot be processed.

In addition, Bitcoin must be bought in advance, as direct trading between HyperStake (HYP) and fiat currencies is not possible. If the prerequisites are fulfilled, the purchase can finally be initiated.

What Resources are Provided by the Developers of the HyperStake Coin?

To make the user experience particularly pleasant for the community, the developers have provided some resources. This includes the Block Explorer, which makes it easy to find transactions, blocks and balances without having to download special software. Furthermore, a bootstrap file is also offered, which includes the pure blockchain of HyperStake.

The bootstrap file is updated regularly and is a quick and convenient way to update the HyperStake software. Also, extensive introductory videos have been provided by the developers. These include the establishment of the wallet and the use of the platform.

Finally, a newsletter was set up for the community and interested parties. This is sent regularly and provides subscribers with extensive information about HyperStake.

How Has the Market Capitalization of the HyperStake Coin Developed?

The HyperStake token (HYP) was first traded on August 9, 2014, on the cryptocurrency markets. The initial market capitalization was $31,453 and the price per token was $0.002671. The market capitalization didn’t make any real gains until May 2017.

At that point, developments resumed and changes were announced so that market interest in the currency increased. As a result, market capitalization rose to a record $1.1 million on June 11. The actual rally of the token, however, did not start until November 2017. Since then, the currency has reached new highs almost daily, with a record high on 8 January.

On that day, market capitalization was $20 million, and the token price was $0.018521. Subsequently, the currency consolidated and was able to benefit from bottoming out at a level of $8.2 million. The average daily trading volume is 10,000 US dollars and there are 1.13 billion tokens in circulation.

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