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Humaniq Coin

Introduction on the Humaniq Coin

Humaniq Coin is a cryptocurrency – but wich special features does this one inherit? Not all countries in the world have modern standards, as we know them. There are millions of people, who, despite being mobile, have no access to a bank.

Why is it that in Vietnam or Cambodia, for example, more than 30 percent of the population do not have a bank account? One answer could be that many people have lost confidence in public banks. Due to wars and unclear changes of the regime, some population groups have already unfairly lost a lot of money.

Another reason is that many people have no permanent residence and therefore cannot register a bank account. Some applications are also rejected by the bank for no reason. In Brazilian countries, the local circumstances usually do not allow for a bank account, as the nearest branch is often more than 100 km away.

Accordingly, people don’t understand the importance of having a bank account. For these reasons, Humaniq wants to work for everyone to have their own bank account.

The company unites investors and other voluntary companies to create a global network that makes this goal possible. Currently, there are about 2 billion people without access to the world’s banking services, which should change in the future with the help of a strong community.

Humaniq Coin by the numbers

As of January 27, 2018, the current market capital of Humaniq Coin was US $48,151,081 and the circulating offer amounted to 162,862,944 HMQ. The daily trading volume was $1,327,620 and the total Humaniq Coins offer was 184,194,944 HMQ. The maximum offer was 920,952,070 HMQ. Humaniq Coin ranks 258th in’s Mineable Coins list.

What is Humaniq Coin?

Humaniq Coin is behind a special app that wants to make banking possible for all people worldwide. The specially developed Humaniq Coin is based on the blockchain and uses Al technologies. Any user who chooses Humaniq’s effective solution will gain full control and insight into all transactions.

Humaniq ensures a very high level of transparency and thus creates trust among the users. Also very user friendly, Humaniq does not charge any fees for receiving, sending or requesting money transfers. Most competitors demand very high transaction fees, which makes a lot of money disappear in the long term.

Personal biometrics ensures the security and protection of your personal data and money. With this, money can be blocked and made inaccessible to third parties. The Humaniq platform is very powerful and designed to provide access to people with a poorly performing Internet connection. The specially developed app meets these challenges and offers maximum transparency.

What is this type of cryptocurrency used for?

Basically, this cryptocurrency is used to make it possible for anyone in the world to access a banking system. With the help of blockchain technology and the associated financial services, this goal should be made possible.

The biometric identification system forms the basis and is unchangeable, which makes the platform safe from manipulation or hacking. It is achieved via the smartphone camera, the user’s face, and additionally carried out via voice recognition.

Money transfers and the receipt of wages should be simplified with this cryptocurrency. Many people in the world, especially in developing countries, are unable to carry out these activities that we take for granted. The credit industry also wants to facilitate this company – smartphones to host this app should be made affordable for everyone.

Another goal of this cryptocurrency is to strengthen and promote the Chinese economy. Money transfers should now be possible anywhere in the world, no matter where the user is. The Humaniq blockchain should replace a complete banking infrastructure and make it possible for everyone.

The developer’s vision is to lift people out of poverty with this technological advance and to offer them a better life.

Who is behind Humaniq Coin?

Alex Fork founded Humaniq in April 2016, with the idea of making the world more accessible and less complicated. In the fight against corruption and the supremacy of the state, he developed this app to help people around the world.

Humaniq consists of 43 people working on this idea, and technical progress in 14 countries. In November 2016, Alex Fork had formed a complete and select project team and the white paper had been written. Only a month later, was officially made accessible and the first Pre-ICO announced.

Contracts for the security and transparency of Humaniq have been drafted and signed. In December, Humaniq also recorded a strong price increase, which has fallen only slightly to date.

Specially developed marketing campaigns should strengthen and further publicize the company. In India, Humaniq meets with potential project partners and at the same time tests the app in regions that were previously excluded from banking.

In March, the first version of the app for iOS and Android was launched and tested by the masses. In just the first hours of the ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), Humaniq recorded revenues of 1.5 million USD.


The social aspect is very important to Humaniq. Anyone who wants to do something good and wants to join a strong community is certainly in good hands with Humaniq. Despite small price fluctuations, the coin has the potential to make the world a better place, and to offer new prospects to the disadvantaged.

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