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HTMLCOIN – an innovation of the blockchain

HTMLCOIN is a web-based programming language used in the development of homepages. Due to the continuous development of various technologies, languages have a limited lifespan, and HTMLCOIN is no longer revolutionary.

Currently, the highest developed programming language in this style is HTML5. PHP is also often used but has little to do with cryptocurrencies. Even the HTML programming language is only used in a wider context regarding cryptocurrencies. So why does HTMLCOIN bear its name?

One of the reasons for this is that the development of the coin took place in 2014. Four years ago, web development was different. The icon of the coin is accordingly decorated by the HTML characters that signal the end of a command.

The goal of HTMLCOIN remains unchanged. It supports technological progress and would like to achieve global usage. A step in that direction requires widespread recognition. People around the globe need to learn about this digital currency, which is now possible.

What is the HTMLCOIN movement?

In principle, this movement identifies with aims of HTMLCOIN; namely, empowering people and creating opportunities. The HTMLCOIN Foundation was solely created for marketing purposes and to make the entire programming process appealing to those who have no basic technical interest.

Technical specifications of HTMLCOIN

HTMLCOIN is a hybrid that relies equally on PoS and PoW. The developers used the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum at the time of creation. The core was left as Bitcoin, so the algorithm is SHA-256.

To equip a cryptocurrency as a hybrid has many advantages. There is the speed at which transactions are received. Payments are checked by additional community activity and the operations are performed almost instantaneously. The fees for the whole process are very low. The allocation is made to the users involved. This is a decentralized network that is not managed by a single body.

In total, there will be 90 trillion coins. This high number also calls for high scoring results. Therefore, after a minute of dismantling, there are a constant 1,250 coins per block.

The coin has never exceeded the value of one American dollar. On average, this is $0.0030.

A wide-reaching community

The developers of HTMLCOIN provide various ways to connect with other users within the community. There is, for example, the thread in the BitcoinTalk forum, where they can exchange views and advice. There is also an active presence on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook, which are all relevant. The latest news and events about the coin can be instantly and widely shared.

The Facebook page isn’t a fan page, but a moderated group with more than 6,000 members. Four administrators and moderators ensure that everything goes smoothly and users are civil to each other.

With this high level of social media activity, HTMLCOIN is ahead of some other cryptocurrencies when it comes to word of mouth. If innovations are released, the interested users actively share and disseminate them. There are also high levels of activity within the pools. In general, there are many positive factors for newcomers who decide to mine the coin.

HTMLCOIN mines – essential info

The hybrid can be mined by CPU as well as GPU. Of course, there is the principle that high-quality hardware offers the most because its lifetime is correspondingly long. For instance, when mining through pools, capacity is increased through community activity. This benefits all users.

Those who prefer to mine independently can do this via a wallet for Windows or macOS. A mobile wallet is also available for all Android users. As it is an open source cryptocurrency, active participation in further development can be expected.

If the coin is to be purchased before mining, there are various platforms available. HTML is offered on CryptoBridge, TradeSatoshi and Bleutrade.

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