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How to buy Musicoin

Introduction – How to buy Musicoin

How to buy Musicoin – With billions of people streaming their favorite playlists every day, music is a gigantic market. In the past, record labels were at the forefront of this industry, but it’s clear that in today’s climate, streaming services are king.

This business is defined by high margins and fierce competition. Suppliers such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer are clear market leaders and compensate artists based on the number of streams they produce.

This form of payment is beneficial to large and well-known artists, but it leaves smaller, independent musicians vying for more exposure. This is mainly due to the commission model.

The upswing in cryptocurrencies aims to attack and revolutionize such established business models. In particular, this involves the abolition of middlemen so that a higher payment to the artist is possible. One platform that wants to achieve such a disruptive change is Musicoin.

How to buy Musicoin – How Musicoin benefits musicians

By using a unique currency, fair compensation, transparent contracts and no intermediaries, the Musicoin platform aims to transform the way music is produced and marketed. The use of a blockchain ensures that the musicians receive a fair and competitive compensation.

Here, the compensation is carried out immediately, so that each click on a song amounts to a small payment. In addition, a special focus is placed on direct customer contact, so the platform also offers opportunities to get in touch with the fans.

According to the developers, there are five basic benefits for performers. This includes the best compensation in the entire music industry, which should help musicians to invest more time in the production of new songs. In addition, all rights to the songs are secured, so that performers do not have to worry about possible rights violations.

Smart contracts allow a flexible and fair distribution of profits in a single volume. Furthermore, the use of middlemen is waived. This leads to a higher return in terms of the work done. Finally, the platform is also a complete platform for offering and evaluating customer opinions so that musicians can optimize their personal offerings.

How to buy Musicoin – Functionalities for end users

On the Musicoin platform, streaming and listening to music is possible for free and without annoying commercial breaks. However, users can also buy Musicoin for a more extensive offering. The functions give users the opportunity to create added value within the framework of the platform.

In return, compensation in the form of Musicoins, which circulate within the network, is guaranteed.

However, investors can buy Musicoin at any time to accelerate tokens. In addition, users are able to pay their favorite musicians a kind of tip. Loading high-quality music, purchasing band merchandise, booking tickets and ordering music magazines is also possible through the platform. In return, customers receive Musicoins for activities that add value to the platform.

According to the developers, there are four basic advantages. This includes the free streaming of music. All users receive free and legal access to the entire music catalog. In addition, direct interaction with customers is possible.

This includes tracking the latest news and communicating with your favorite artists. In addition, users should consider the platform as a way to revolutionize the entire industry, because using the Musicoin platform revolutionizes the industry’s existing paradigms and completely changes the creation of values.

In the end, Musicoin is not a local or regional service, but rather a global network. This is an important differentiator to traditional providers, who often prohibit streaming abroad; otherwise, they could be subject to infringement.

How to buy Musicoin – How does Musicoin work?

Essentially, the Musicoin token is a cryptocurrency based on a peer-to-peer network, building a globally accessible system. Thus, investors can also buy Musicoin to participate in the development.

At the heart of the blockchain are the so-called smart contracts, which should provide for a direct and fair compensation for musicians. It also makes it possible to create values in a complete environment.

The first pillar, and at the same time the philosophy of the service, is the sharing of content. The assumption is that musicians should receive the highest compensation for content creation, and that compensation should increase depending on their activity on the platform. The second pillar of the platform is the cryptocurrency $ MUSIC, which was created to support all activities and businesses related to music.

By using mining, transactions within the network are verified. This process is only possible through a large number of network participants, so that they work together to ensure that manipulation or damage to the network can be ruled out.

In conjunction with the blockchain are the smart contracts, which are automated. This includes, for example, the compensation of an artist as soon as one of his songs is streamed.

The smart contracts can also be expanded as required. The last pillar of the network is the so-called Musiconomy – this is about the fair compensation of all parties for the support of the network.

How has the market capitalization of Musicoin developed?

$ MUSIC has been trading on the financial markets since March 29, 2017, and achieved a market capitalization of $710,725 on the first official trading day. Until January 8, 2018, the currency was able to record a constant growth.

On this trading day, the previous highest level of 66.4 million US dollars was realized. The price per token here was at 0.121197 US dollars. A consolidation followed at 12 million US dollars, so that a new upward movement could be started.

However, for many investors, the issue of where they can buy Musicoin remains. In order to buy Musicoin, the first step is finding a suitable trading place. Currently, the trade of the token takes place exclusively at Bittrex and Cryptopia. An initial amount to invest in Bitcoin is thus needed, because only in this way is buying Musicoin possible.

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