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HashNest – About the Cloud Mining Provider and the Manufacturer of ASICs

HashNest is a cloud-based service from one of ASICs’ best-known producers – BITMAIN. The service has been operational for a long time and there is no doubt that it is a true cloud mining service where everything works reliably.

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What’s Interesting About HashNest?

First of all, it offers fairly low prices for hashing power. This is because all the hash power is sold by the manufacturer of the ASICs – without intermediaries, so there are no additional surcharges. It is also important to mention that there is a capacity market – where you can always buy/sell the hashing power at the market price.

This means you can always withdraw from the project if you don’t like something. You can simply sell the entire capacity on the stock exchange and deduct your money from the project.

What Are the Disadvantages of the HashNest Service?

Unfortunately, you can only buy the SHA-256 capacity for Bitcoin mining at the moment and, as you probably know, the SHA-256 performance doesn’t show the highest yield and has very uncertain prospects. What’s more, at HashNest, they currently only sell the outdated capacity of the ASIC AntMiner S7.

These almost unprofitable devices give a very low yield and will probably bring a zero return in a few months. Soon, new capacities will be offered from the next generation of the ASIC AntMiner S9, where returns will be much higher, but also much more expensive.

In general, HashNest is a very cool service for cloud mining and, as described above, it is cheaper compared to other services. The low-cost hashing power, the availability of a capacity exchange and the ability to withdraw from the project make this service a good option.

It is a pity that this provider only sells the SHA-256 hash power, so investing in this service is not profitable (at least for the time being).

Is Investing in HashNest Worthwhile?

At the moment – no. The profitability of SHA-256 capacity is now fairly low and constantly falling, making it unlikely that the money invested in HashNest will pay off.

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More Information About the HashNest Company

If you compare HashNest with other high-yield investment programs, there is one small difference – HashNest is a subsidiary of BITMAIN’s giant project (, which is responsible for mining from some of the best plants.

To put it clearly, HashNest is an analogue of the Estonian company HashCoins with its cloud mining project, HashFlare.

A Few Reasons Why Many Think That HashNest is the Next Crypto Hype

This service only works for people who have a good understanding of mining and cloud mining. There is no referral program and where there is no referral program, there are fewer social ads and reviews from bloggers and others.

The real and floating rate is currently (+ -) 120% per year with the right equipment.

How to Work With the Forward-Looking Company HashNest

Option 1 – You have $500 in stock. The cost of a GH/s today is 0.00110199. Divide by $500 for today’s rate ($420) and receive 1.19 BTC. Now, 1.19 is divided by the cost of one GH/s (0.00110199) = 1088 GH/s.

In short, if you invest $500, you get 1 TH/s of hashing power from the S7.

To date, the revenue from such an amount of hashing power is worth on average $2.5 per day. And you should understand that Bitcoin mining is getting more and more complex and the rate is unstable. For example, the rate can be 400 today and 600 tomorrow.

You can earn about $2.5 a day with a mined cryptocurrency. That’s not much, but there is a second option.

Option 2 – This method is suitable for those who do not have much money or do not trust the company. In general, this option is for beginners. Every 10 days, you should invest about 5-10 dollars and do this all year round.

Of course, you do not want to deduct the money from here, because you can mine Satoshi throughout the year and buy new GH/s. You’re investing in the future.


BITMAIN is a real giant in the crypto universe and has functioned since 2013. Therefore, it has all the prerequisites for its subsidiary. The HashNest cloud mining site itself is available in several languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, German, French, Indonesian and Italian.

The site has all of the options for contacting the service. It is very well-described – you can consider the technical characteristics of each miner. You can also study and verify the payments that have been made to other users – everything is very open and honest.

You can contact the service directly on the website, monitor messages in various forums and social networks, and respond immediately to any questions and comments. On HashNest, you can also view photos of the mining centres where the equipment is used.

In addition, there is an application for a smartphone or tablet that allows you to monitor activities at any time or find out how much you have earned. The services are available to all countries.

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