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Genesis Mining Alternative

Wich Genesis Mining Alternative is a popular mining provider?

Finding a Genesis Mining alternative is not that easy. If you want to mine, you’ll sooner or later come across Genesis Mining on the Internet – the offer is attractive and with just a bit of money, users can buy computing power and benefit from Bitcoin production.

The fact is, everyone wants a piece of the cake that the Bitcoin hype baked and, thanks to low prices, Genesis allows many private investors to join.

The popularity of Mining with Genesis Mining is no coincidence. Due to the big rush, however, there have been continuing problems on the platform.

At times, packages were sold out and willing investors looked to fill in the void, but to find a good Genesis Mining alternative, it is important to understand the business model of the provider.

The special features of Genesis Mining

In Genesis, Bitcoin is mined. Investors receive their earnings in Bitcoin distribution and can additionally gain from its value increase.

In order to acquire computing power, investors must buy a package and pay for it with fiat money. The smallest package is available from $30.

After the investment, the machines start to work for each investor. According to the provider, contracts with Genesis Mining are set for life, so there is a real purchase of computing power rather than a temporary rental.

However, the level of technical difficulty that accompanies the mining of Bitcoins is steadily increasing. The more miners there are, the higher the level of difficulty.

However, as the cost of hardware used is accumulated, Genesis Mining automatically recovers part of the revenue. This covers internal server costs, but at the same time, reduces the profits of the investors, whose numbers are shrinking anyway due to the difficulty.

Genesis Mining reserves the right to terminate the contract if the operating costs exceed the revenue. Because of this stipulations, nobody knows exactly how long the mining at Genesis actually lasts.

In this context, it makes sense, especially for private investors, to seek a Genesis Mining alternative.

INVIA World as a Genesis Mining Alternative

If you search the Internet for reputable mining providers, you will find many different mining companies. One of the most interesting, however, is INVIA World GmbH, based in Austria, and there are several aspects that make it a suitable Genesis Mining alternative.

In contrast to opaque providers like Bitclub, INVIA World has a legitimate and impeccable internet presence. Not only is it a legitimate, registered company, the management also shows presence and interaction in the cryptocurrency community, for example, answering questions from investors in webinars.

That no question remains, is a good sign. Mixed mining is being used at INVIA World, with investors also receive the profit as a Bitcoin distribution.

Starting prices are similar for this Genesis Mining alternative—from just €100, a private investor can get processing power.

The special features of INVIA World: Mixed Mining

INVIA World has developed innovative software that controls mixed mining. This means that every day the software checks the difficulty of different coins.

The software chooses the coin that is the easiest to mine on the day. In the evening, INVIA World distributes the profit in Bitcoins. Thus, the company operates profit maximization in favor of investors.

The rising Bitcoin Difficulty does not matter and investors thus have the opportunity to gradually expand their Bitcoin ownership and also to add value. INVIA World does not have to charge a share for server costs as it is not “lifetime mining”.

The company explains on its homepage that mining hardware is, on average, technically obsolete every three years. Therefore, it has decided to limit the contracts to a term of three years.

Investors can then decide if they want to book a package again. The investment can be planned over the long term and takes place without any reduction in profits due to server costs or increasing difficulties.

According to management, the mining farms in Tibet and Mongolia have computer capacity for an investment of 15 million euros. However, the current investment volume is only 1 million euros.

Thus, packages cannot be sold out overnight. This is why INVIA World is regarded as a serious and, above all, profitable genesis mining alternative.

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