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Crypto mining with own hardware at optimal electricity prices.

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Meatec offers its customers the purchase of their own mining hardware. The provider operates the devices for you and takes care of maintenance and installation. You don't need any further knowledge for its operation.

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What is mining colocation?

With classic mining colocation, a data center provides the space and electricity for your mining rigs. You purchase your mining devices by yourself and send them to the data center.

What does “fully managed” mining colocation mean?

With “fully managed” providers such as Meatec, the service provider takes care of hardware sourcing, shipping and installation in the data center. Replacements in the event of a warranty claim or repairs can be handled directly by the provider.

10 advantages of managed colocation

GPU Mining Rig
  1. Price advantages due to centralized purchasing by the supplier.
  2. The supplier takes care of shipping and customs.
  3. Proper invoice for hardware purchases.
  4. Handling of warranty issues.
  5. Maintenance and servicing of miners and equipment.
  6. Central mining web interface for payout.
  7. Personal support and customer service.
  8. Monitoring of regional legal conditions.
  9. Option to buy back equipment directly from the provider.
  10. Purchase of partial equipment, e.g. shares of mining hardware.

Different mining investments in comparison

Managed ColocationColocationCloud Mining
Own hardwareYESYESNO
Hardware serviceYESNOYES
Price / ServiceHIGHHIGHLOW

Advantages compared to cloud mining

With cloud mining, you as a customer do not buy your own hardware, you buy the right for the computing power of it. At first glance, this concept sounds convenient and uncomplicated. However, the problem with almost all cloud mining contracts is in the details. If mining with the booked computing power is no longer profitable for a fixed period of time, you lose the right to it. Having your own hardware with a colocation or managed colocation, the provider will deactivate the hardware, but it can also be reactivated once profitable again. You also have the option of having your hardware sent to you.

Cloud Mining with Meatec

Which mining device is right one for me?

Different devices can be used for different cryptocurrencies. Pay attention to the purchase price of the corresponding device and the stated power costs of the provider.

Mining-Kategorien bei Meatec

First, select the desired coin and to filter for corresponding devices:

Some Meatec Mining-Devices

In the next step, choose a mining device and look for its technical specifications:

Technical details Meatec

For you the values hashpower and price per kWh are important. Enter these values at: https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/ in the corresponding fields for the correct coin (pool fee = 0):

Crypto Compare mining-calculator

However, the data shown here serve only as orientation, the results can change upwards or downwards on a daily basis. The more competition arises amongst miners, the lower the yield will be. If the price rises, on the other hand, the yield can also increase massively.

Buying hardware shares

At Meatec it is also possible to buy shares of mining hardware. Through a reinvestment of earnings or directly in the store, you receive shares in a mining device and its earnings. Logically, you cannot have this device sent to you or moved. The goal of such a partial purchase should be the acquisition of the complete hardware in the long run.

Partial purchase differs from cloud mining in particular, as mining power can be turned off when the market is down, but reactivated when conditions are better.