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Free Bitcoin

Is it possible to get Free Bitcoin?

Getting Free Bitcoin – with the rising popularity of Bitcoin and Altcoins, more and more people want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. But this entry is often not easy, since beginners are partially deterred by high transaction costs and a relatively high minimum purchase amount.

Other providers, in turn, require that a passport copy be uploaded for verification, while not everyone is willing to share such personal documents about Free Bitcoin.

There are, however, ways to receive Bitcoin as a gift. This process of Free Bitcoinmakes it easier to get started and to test whether you are willing to make a major investment or upload a copy of your passport for verification.

Bitcoin faucets for Free Bitcoin

The most well-known and widely used method of getting Bitcoin is through a Bitcoin faucet. These faucets are mostly providers who, every few hours, release a certain amount of Bitcoin for free. The process works based on ad revenue.

The pages users must visit to receive Bitcoins contain ads, and part of the revenue from these ads is then shared with users so that both site owners and users will earn something.

Of course, Bitcoin faucets also have some disadvantages. In particular, the work to get Bitcoin is often out of proportion to the yield. Frequently, the faucets only pay Satoshi sums in the double-digit range. This raises the question of whether or not it is worthwhile.

Bitcoin faucet providers

There are now a huge number of different Bitcoin faucets; however, some have proven to be more reputable than others. It can be expected that these faucets will continue to pay with Bitcoin in the future. Nevertheless, one should never forget that even with these faucets, there is a risk that the operators suddenly no longer pay, and retain the revenue for themselves.


Probably the best-known provider of a Bitcoin faucet is It is a faucet in which free Bitcoin can be picked up once per hour. The amount of Bitcoin that is paid out is drawn, which means that even amounts equal to 0.01 BTC can be won. also offers Browser Mining to earn additional Satoshi amounts.

Finally, the credit can also be increased or even destroyed in Hi-Lo gambling.

2. Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is another very well-known Bitcoin faucet. At Moon Bitcoin, the amount given out continues to accumulate before being claimed. However, this amount increases much faster in the first few minutes than after a few hours.

Thus, the user can make a strategic decision as to when he claims his Bitcoin. In addition, Moon Bitcoin also offers Browser Mining, which grants a bonus for claiming the accumulated amount instead of a direct payout.

3. Coinpot

Coinpot is not just a provider of a Bitcoin faucet, but rather a portal to other various faucets. One of them is, for example, the previously mentioned Moon Bitcoin. The revenues generated there are then transferred to Coinpot.

The advantage of this is that Bitcoin can be claimed faster and payout limits are thus exceeded sooner. In addition, Coinpot Browser also offers mining for various cryptocurrencies, with the benefits paid directly.

More options for Free Bitcoin

There are many other ways to get Bitcoin for free, with some of them working better than others. It is important to pay attention to how serious the providers are, so as not to fall for a scam.


One provider that is quite competitive with other Bitcoin faucets is BitcoinGet. This is a portal that offers a variety of ways to earn bits (1 bit = 100 Satoshi). This allows users to earn by answering surveys, downloading apps or performing micro-tasks with CrowdFlower.

BitcoinGet should emphasize that revenues can be much higher than traditional faucets, but the revenue is often disproportionate to the work. For example, some polls last up to half an hour, paying only 25 bits.

In addition, BitcoinGet also has a sister site called CoinRebates. On this page, cashback is paid in the form of Bitcoin, which is a very interesting offer, as it allows users to get Bitcoin while shopping online. However, you should be careful that you do not make the mistake of making purchases just because of the cashback.

Bitcoin raffles for Free Bitcoin

Another way to get Bitcoin is by participating in Bitcoin raffles. The merits, of course, depend heavily on your own luck, but this is a method that takes little time and still offers very high earning potential. While no winnings are guaranteed, you should take your chance if you happen to spot a raffle.

One point of contact where you can find many different Bitcoin raffles is the “FreeBits” subreddit on Reddit, where users regularly post several contests. Unfortunately, this subreddit mostly contains advertisements.

Otherwise, you can still look around on YouTube for various Bitcoin sweepstakes in order to get Free Bitcoin. For example, CryptoNick, a cryptocurrency specialist, gives away $100 worth of Bitcoin every day.

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