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FirstBlood Coin

FirstBlood Coin – revolutionizing the eSports scene

FirstBlood Coin is a cryptocurrency. It’s safe to say that the video game scene has a lot of potential for investing and earning money at the same time. Particularly the fact that eSports can also be combined with gambling – but more about that later.

This is exactly where FirstBlood Coin comes in with their platform. It’s similar to the conventional sports betting system in the offline area; in the background. The participants either place their bets on a specific team or even individual players. Players can test their skills and bet on eSports games.

The eSports market is growing faster and faster globally, and FirstBlood Coin and the associated platform are keen to take advantage of that fact.

FirstBlood – the application that is closely interwoven with the coin

The shared name reveals the close relationship between the platform and the cryptocurrency. It is used as a means of payment, to top up credit and to place bets.

FirstBlood is a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM for short. It is operated by witnesses who observe the whole process of the game and submit the results afterwards. Individuals who place a winning bet will receive their reward from the system.

This happens directly after the entries have been checked and released. As all this is controlled by a large community, there is a lot of teamwork. Despite appearances to the contrary, the platform was built up as a company.

The company consists of a combination of people who are closely involved and have a lot of experience with the crypto world. People who helped to found the company include Joe Zhou and Zack Coburn. Their names are associated with other well-known projects, such as Alt-Options and EtherOptt.

A community based on important contracts

Players and betters create an account on the FirstBlood Coin platform. A global ranking system ensures that there is a certain amount of healthy competition. The basic concept is paired with a few special functions.

It is possible, for example, to act as a guide and mentor other players if you have a sufficient level of experience. Certain rankings by the platform are also a clear prerequisite. In addition, novice players receive professional guidance, which ensures that they receive the best experience for them. True professionals help to clear the route to big tournament games.

Important information about the FirstBlood Coin cryptocurrency

As the platform is built on Ethereum, FirstBlood Coin is a decentralized platform. This currency is referred to by its ticker at 1ST and its value averages $0.50. Strong performances were seen in June 2017 and in January 2018, when the price reached more than two US dollars.

The presentation of the FirstBlood Coin platform has already been carried out by well-known platforms and magazines. In addition, it is also integrated on Steam. The first game picked by FirstBlood Coin was Dota 2. Player Unknown’s Battleground will have big shoes to fill.

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