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Espers Coin

Espers Coin – a cryptocurrency with new security standards

Espers Coin is a cryptocurrency. More and more cryptocurrencies are entering the market and making quite a stir in the world of online transactions. Some cryptocurrencies have already failed in their ambitions, while others are still emerging or thriving.

Espers Coin is currently still in its first version, with much development still planned. Espers Coin stands for maximum levels of security and wants to maintain this. For this reason, the company has developed new security standards and has full control over its own data.

Espers Coin in numbers – February 2018

Espers Coin is currently ranked at number 407 in’s Mineable Coins ranking. Espers Coin currently has a market capital of 9,035,069 US dollars. The current total offering of Espers Coin stands at 21,071,650,069 ESP. The maximum number of coins is 50,000,000,000,000,000 ESP, while the daily trading volume is 35,685 US dollars.

What is Espers Coin?

Espers Coin is a cryptocurrency that uses its own special algorithm. The hybrid proof-of-work and proof-of-stake system is also successfully used by Espers. The functionality of the PoW and PoS system is the block behind it, which can be used as a PoW block or as a PoS block. Only the display in the wallet of the user indicates which block is currently active.

This system has the clear advantage that it cannot be manipulated. In most attacks on a network, the hacker manages to intercept and stop transactions. He or she could then reverse the transaction and restart it. The money would be transferred twice in this way. Espers prevents this hacking by taking new security measures.

Sidechain and blockchain apps are available for Espers Coin, allowing movement of values and data linked to the main chain. The sidechain is independent and considered safe. Espers uses a highly modified Quark 17 algorithm with a number of 25 hash rounds, short HMQ1725. The white paper of Espers is still in progress and has not been published yet.

What is this cryptocurrency used for?

Espers Coins can currently be officially traded on the CoinExchange and Livecoin platforms.
Using on-chain messaging, users of the currency can send messages to other users via their personal wallet. In this way, a secure communication system is created on the blockchain. The mobile wallet has been available for Android users since 2017 and will soon be available for iOS users. A Masternode system is still under development.

Who is behind Espers?

The first public appearance of Espers took place in April 2016. The founder and developer team behind Espers is called CryptoCoderz. This company specializes in equipping and using blockchain with new technologies.

The old blockchain was ESP1 and had a lot of programmed errors and vulnerabilities. It would have taken an enormous amount of time to correct these errors, which most likely would not have paid off.

The company found it more sensible to develop a new and thoroughly tested blockchain. The coin could be exchanged 1:1 in this system, so that nobody had to suffer losses. Espers has a very strong community, which is open to new members and actively welcomes them.

Espers Coin – a conclusion

Espers Coin has several sidechains, a new mobile wallet and on-chain messaging with many functions. The mining of Espers Coins can be carried out by any user on his own computer via GPU; the graphics processor. The algorithm is specially programmed and perfectly matches Espers Coin.

Espers Coin has been recorded by CoinMarketCap since July 2016 and had a stable price until March 2017. In April 2017, the share price rose and reached a high in June 2017. Subsequently, the share price fell again and remained constant.

At the end of 2017, Espers Coin experienced another great high. In general, it can be seen that the price fluctuations of this coin demonstrate impressive highs. Experts forecast this trend will continue.

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