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EnergyCoin: saving energy is its name and saving energy is its game

Its name says it all,  EnergyCoin is particularly impressive as it allows its users to save a lot of energy throughout the mining process. Mining for EnergyCoin is very gentle, especially for the hardware. This is because there is no stress throughout the process, even when in continuous operation.

Mining can be done either via the CPU or via the GPU. Hashes have a very small file size. When interest rates are generated, comparatively small server landscapes are used to initiate these processes.

EnergyCoin is abbreviated as ENRG.

Pure PoS rewards, despite a hybrid scheme

The EnergyCoin was initially designed as a hybrid of PoS and PoW, and is set to the Scrypt algorithm. However, a reward for the successful abrading of a block is carried out purely on the basis of PoS. Since PoW rapidly limits the bonuses, this is waived. Nonetheless, the scheme is used to facilitate pool mining as well as multipools.

First, there is a maximum of 110 million coins. Then there are the tokens, which are in the annual profit distribution. This is as follows: 10 percent in the first year, 8 percent in the second year, 6 percent in the third, 4 percent in the fourth, 2 percent in the fifth, and then 1 percent for each subsequent year.

At least once a day, the coins must be punted to achieve an additional profit. It takes half a minute to completely abrade a block. Three blocks must be cleared before a transaction can be confirmed.

The mining is not too easy; there is a retargeting of the difficulty after each block.

A planned global expansion

The community was willing to allow the developers to translate their files into a variety of languages. There are translations, for example, in German, Russian and even Spanish. A global expansion has always been an aim of the developers.

The promotion of projects related to energy

In keeping with its name, EnergyCoin focuses heavily on the energy sector. Projects connected with this should receive funding. First and foremost, it is dedicated to all those who are committed to sustainability. They see it as their task to improve the future through appropriate alternatives. As a result, a moderate arrangement of the payment options will take place in the future and the environment will receive corresponding protection.

EnergyCoin also has a second focus – this relates solely to the transactions and concentrates on low fees and a fast speed. In both respects, emphasis is placed on added value for future users.

Integration in everyday life

In addition to all its advantages, EnergyCoin hopes to be actively integrated into everyday life by its users. Among other things, this is supported by mobile wallets. The Android version is already in active use. It allows you to send payments and view your account balance in US dollars at any time.

The app also performs the calculation of the transmission codes and indicates the amount of the transaction fee.

The app highlights the idea of emphasizing usability for users. Among other things, it is possible to make payments by including a QR code. Accordingly, it is necessary to allow the mobile application advance access to the camera. Of course, various security measures ensure that no unauthorized access takes place.

The verdict: investment and mining are both worthwhile

Due to the technological development of EnergyCoin, the community constantly enjoys new members. One of the consequences of this is that the value of this coin can sometimes increase considerably. Trading is definitely worthwhile; however, due to the annual bonuses, mining should not be ignored.

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