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Edgeless Coin

Introduction on the Edgeless Coin

Edgeless coin (EDG) rewrites the history of classic gambling by simplifying the otherwise extensive process. Currently, all online casinos require a complex registration through which all personal data must be provided. Paid-in money is not immediately available due to processing time, and credits requested for withdrawal often take days to arrive.

All these problems are addressed with Edgeless and a targeted solution is offered. Users are granted 100% anonymity and full transparency of all transactions. Safety is a very important aspect of Edgeless and comes first. Through visible contracts Edgeless creates great trust among its users.

With this first transparent online casino, Edgeless offers its users a special and novel gaming experience based on security and trust.

Edgeless Coin by the Numbers (as of 25.01.2018)

The current market capital of Edgeless coin is $1,221,058,917 and the current offering is 31,396,146,174 SC. The daily trading volume amounts to 40.686.100 USD. Edgeless ranks 30th in’s mineable coins ranking.

What is the Edgeless Coin?

Edgeless is based on the Ethereum smart contract and offers its users a 100% transparent and secure online casino. The original purpose of the developers and the aim of this platform is to protect users against potential fraud from casinos, thereby creating a safe gambling zone. With this background, even sceptical users are reassured and can trust Edgeless.

Edgeless only offers games on the platform that can be won by sheer luck or by some skill and know-how. The deposits, withdrawals and conversion from real money to cryptocurrency are made simple and uncomplicated. Edgeless also charges no fees, which makes it special. These measures enable instant deposits and withdrawals which all players can benefit from. Processing times and the temporary retention of profits are not part of the Edgeless system.

All Edgeless contracts are transparent and accessible to every user. No party can change or delete anything on the specified lines. This ensures the highest level of security for all users. Fraud is also made impossible, even for Edgeless itself.

What is this Type of Cryptocurrency Used For?

Edgeless coins are required to use the special gambling games offered by Edgeless on the internet. The games include popular classics, like blackjack, video poker, various sports bets and nickels. Due to the timelessness and accessibility of these games, Edgeless has a very broad audience.

Edgeless coins are based on the Ethereum blockchain, which is the best known and has the second largest market capitalization. Since these coins are used by several gambling games, the maximum number of Edgeless coins must be distributed evenly and thoughtfully. This is the only way to guarantee the balance of coins and games offered.

In addition to the classic games, a lottery system is offered, which works simply and efficiently. EDG tokens are used for the benefit of this system and it is possible to win a share of the big pot.

Edgeless is becoming very attractive and competitive, attracting more and more new users and newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency. In addition, there were many financing campaigns last year that focused on Edgeless. Its specially designed business model is also very appealing and optimally covers the gambling landscape.

Who is Behind the Edgeless Coin?

Edgeless coins were created and brought to market by a team of IT professionals. The company is based in Germany, as well as in Lithuania. With their previous project,, the developers established themselves in the online gaming world and achieved great success. The consistently positive feedback and the success of encouraged the developers to continue and achieve a higher level of success.

On December 16, 2016, the Edgeless developers decided to launch, with which they founded the first fully transparent online casino. The company has been working with a clear vision and set goals since the beginning. Many games of chance are not based on real luck or reason, but on the will of a position or a single hard-coded algorithm. Edgeless is committed to ensuring that users win or lose games solely through real luck or their own abilities so that everyone determines their own chance for a win and can be sure that a loss was not pre-programmed. The basic building blocks to design and execute this model were the already existing casino games based on the Ethereum smart contract.


Online casinos are very controversial these days, especially in terms of trusting and protecting personal information. With smart contracts, Edgeless shows its users that this type of gambling is trustworthy. Such a combination of fun and safety is rarely found today.

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