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What does Dentacoin mean?

Dentacoin is a cryptocurrency that is hoping to revolutionize global dentistry. With the aim of reducing treatment costs and creating a community that expresses the goals of the developers, the Dentacoin Foundation created the Denta token.

Here, the developers focus on the development of tools that each address a different area and thus should revolutionize the entire industry.

All individuals who use these tools and implement them in networks or platforms will receive Denta tokens as a reward. These tokens can then be used to pay for dental treatment or used to purchase dental products.

In order to make the cryptocurrency a breakthrough, it is not intended to compete directly with other tokens, but rather to provide a solution and support to the healthcare industry through the use of a blockchain.

In doing so, the Dentacoin Foundation relies on the intrinsic value of individuals’ health, so the token reflects that value. Thus, Dentacoin is both a Fin Tech and a platform for the entire industry.

The basis of the blockchain is the well-known Ethereum blockchain, so the token is traded on the market as an ERC20 token.

What is the goal of the developers through the Dentacoin?

The development of the Denta tokens is done by the Dentacoin Foundation, but also well-known partners like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce Inc. The ultimate goal of the Detacoin Foundation has been to improve global dental care.

Also important among corporate goals is the formation of an active community, as well as the sustainable reduction of treatment costs. The instrument to achieve this goal is the Dentacoin, in particular, through the public use of the token.

Unlike conventional tokens, the Denta token has been designed exclusively for the payment of medical services, but can also be used as a medium of exchange in crypto trading venues.

How will the goal of the developers be achieved?

The corporate goal is to be achieved by providing a variety of tools. These tools each focus on a single area of dentistry so that an overall change can take place.

In order to develop a user-friendly platform, the community is actively involved in the development of the tokens.

To create a willingness for active development, compensation was also implemented. Furthermore, an aggressive marketing concept has been developed to increase awareness and acceptance.

This marketing can be considered a success, as the Dentacoin constantly increasing user numbers and also recorded a rapid growth in terms of market value. Its transparency benefits have also encouraged users to consider Dentacoin as a viable cryptocurrency.

Firstly, public valuations bring a particularly high level of transparency. Secondly, these are stored on the blockchain so that they cannot be manipulated later.

Finally, it is also necessary to submit ratings before the service is used, so that these ratings are made by verified customers.

Thus, customers can find the right doctor based on the available ratings. In theory, this approach should also increase the competition among dentists and improve the quality of the entire market.

What is the future of Dentacoin?

After completing the initial coin offering of the Denta token, the developers have started actively developing the blockchain. The first step is to introduce the ratings so that the various physicians can be evaluated by the clients.

The second step in the development of the Blockchain is the provision of the Dentacare Mobile App, as well as the development of the DentaVox Opinion Platform.

The Dentacare Mobile App aims to develop nurturing habits through mobile certification. In particular, reminders, notes, voice instructions and tutorials should help users to improve their dental care.

In addition, a special chat feature has been implemented so that users can get professional feedback from experts within the community. The provided program should be carried out for three months, so that a habit is established.

As a reward, users will receive Denta tokens, which can be used for dental treatments. DentaVox, on the other hand, is a tool used to collect market data.

Here, dentists, suppliers and manufacturers of market-relevant technologies can access this collected data and thus, focus on the development of new technologies or improve the established services.

The next development steps also include the development of a dental insurance and a health database, which should be used to further improve the market.

What is the current market capitalization of Dentacoin?

The Dentacoin, which is also traded on the markets under the symbol DCN, was published as part of an Initial Coin Offerings. This was executed on August 11, 2017, at an issue price of $0.000307, resulting in a market capitalization of $4.96 million.

Subsequently, due to a rapid increase in the number of tokens, the token value declined. However, this was not synonymous with a decline in market capitalization, as the value of the token is constantly increasing. For example, the market capitalization was $20.8 million on December 1.

In addition, at the current time a value of 166.08 USD can be noted. The price per token is currently $0.000511.

Furthermore, there are currently around 325 billion tokens in official trading. This number of tokens can rise to a maximum of up to 1,841.4 billion pieces, so the Dentacoin has not yet reached its full potential.

In daily trading, a volume of $597,938 is currently being seen. The most important trading place here is HitBTC, with a turnover share of about 60%.

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