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Dash Cloud Mining

How to Get the Best Out of the Dash Cloud Mining Service

What is Dash Cloud Mining (Formerly Known as Darkcoin & Xcoin)? Dash or DigitalCash is similar to Bitcoin and is based on the same software. However, Dash takes the anonymity of cryptocurrencies to another level.

This means that you can remain anonymous while performing cash transactions with Dash. This cryptocurrency was first released in 2014 and is slowly moving towards the top of today’s digital currency rankings.

The Difference

Bitcoin records all transactions in the blockchain. As we all know, the blockchain can be accessed by anyone on the internet, as this is its main feature. Not all people want this feature and use the cryptocurrency primarily for anonymity.

Dash uses “”master nodes”” which are decentralized networks. These mask all transactions with the cryptocurrency. It is much faster than Bitcoin’s network where the miners confirm the transactions which take much longer. In the Dash system, you only need the required confirmation from the master nodes.

To learn more about Dash, you can read the whitepaper.

Why Should You Use a Dash Cloud Mining Service?

Not everyone can get the chance to mine the coin they want. This is because of the extensive resources that are now needed to mine cryptocurrencies, especially because Dash is currently mined with ASICs rather than GPUs.

To use ASICs, you need to have some knowledge of how to operate and maintain the hardware for mining cryptocurrencies, not to mention the high cost of the electricity and the equipment.

Dash is popular because the value of this cryptocurrency has been steadily increasing since its launch three years ago. The increase in value may not be as fast as Bitcoin, but it’s performing well as other altcoins.

The Advantages of Cloud Mining

People today prefer to buy contracts for dash cloud mining because they allow a miner to miner without getting dirty hands. All you have to do is buy the contracts and let them go! A contract determines how much energy you want to allocate to Dash cloud mining, which will give you a certain amount of Dash every day.

Please note that cloud mining is, of course, a business. If you can start earning money starting from the first month, it doesn’t mean that you will benefit from the same contract after a few years.

The Best Dash Cloud Mining Websites

When it comes to Dash cloud mining, it’s very easy to fall victim to the many fraudulent websites that abound on the internet. Cloud mining scams have been around since the introduction of the cryptocurrency! One thing to bear in mind is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

If the contracts sound too good to be true, they are most likely to be a scam. Genuine contracts don’t have a “”get-rich-overnight scheme”” where you just have to buy the hash power and you automatically get the cryptocurrencies.

Dash cloud mining does actually involve work! This means you need to read about the company you invest in and constantly update your contracts to keep up with Dash’s current mining offers. The following sites are recommended:


The X11 Mining Contract

Most cloud mining vendors are currently selling X11 mining in the form of a 2-year contract, such as Genesis mining. An advance payment for 2 years must be made. Everything mined during the 2 years goes to the contract holder.

It is important to note that you cannot change the mined currency after purchase. At the end of the article, we describe the factors that influence a possible return on investment (ROI). Maintenance: Unlike most other mining contracts, X11 mining does not incur any maintenance or electricity charges.

Cost: $6 per 1 MHz (hash rate), for example, is the Genesis mining rate. The price of hash rates decreases when you invest in larger quantities. Hashflare, Genesis mining and a few others pay the winnings from cloud mining daily. The daily output of Dash depends on factors such as network difficulties, which often change according to the price.


Every day, all the Dash miners in the world receive the same pay proportion. The value of Dash or Dash’s current USD value is important for those seeking gains in fiat currencies (USD, EUR) or even Bitcoin (BTC).

To facilitate ROI calculations, Dash mining calculators can calculate daily, monthly and annual returns.

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