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What is CryptoCompare?

CryptoCompare is a helpful Internet platform that has made a name for itself since its inception in 2014. A website that compares cryptocurrencies, it’s built like a forum and works interactively.

Officially, this platform went online in July 2015, in London. Everything is controlled by a core team from the UK. This team is supported by partners in Hungary, Romania, Portugal and Germany, which further highlights its international European character.

What can be found on CryptoCompare?

All current prices are presented with manageable charts in real time. Additional market analysis further increases the informational content and helps interested parties with numerous questions regarding the crypto market.

Further information is available on mining and the associated expenses, and is extensively informed about both helpful software and modern hardware. The structure and operation of the equipment, for example, is explained in detail.

Particular attention is paid to current trend information, such as on contemporary wallets, and security issues are also adequately discussed. Both beginners and advanced users will find a wealth of information on CryptoCompare that is useful in trading cryptocurrencies.

Users of the extensive portal also learn where and how cryptocurrencies can be acquired and exchanged. Beginners, especially, can learn how international digital currencies can be changed into traditional national currencies and vice versa.

In the forum, your own experiences can also be shared and discussed with other members.

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