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Crypto-Overview for the start of the week! Chainlink jumps into the top 10!

Good start into the new week

The No.1 crypto currency is getting off to a good start in the new week, although the Altcoins are once again able to capture important market shares. Cardano, Chainlink and Tezos are seen as the hope for a new Altcoin Season, while the Ethereum community has been waiting for months for the launch of ETH 2.0. Now statements from one developer are dampening the mood even more. We take a look at the current situation in crypto space.

Bitcoin course current: The cops are fighting

The fear that a so-called “Bart Simpson” formation is developing on the BTC chart did not come true on Monday. At the time of writing, the market’s leading indicator is at a price of USD 9285, which represents a daily gain of 0.63%. The next resistances on the upside are 9300 USD and 9400 USD. However, the bulls lack the purchasing power for a sustained attack. Currently, the market cap is “only” USD 16.6 billion. From a bearish perspective, the most important supports remain at USD 9200 and USD 9000. The low volatility benefits Bitcoin to the extent that the turbulent price jumps are not currently causing panic.

Bitcoin Dominance Index continues to fall

The alternative assets are still recapturing market share today. The BTC Dominance Index, for example, was 62.2 % on Monday. The first mover must gradually bid farewell to the comfortable two-thirds majority and the old coins are pushing for encapsulation. Cardano and Chainlink are once again showing their strength. Cardano (+ 7.28 %) confirms the momentum of the previous week and slides forward to position 6, while Chainlink (+ 9.69 %) also makes it into the top 10 at the same time as reaching a new all-time high. Tezos (+ 14.34 %) puts the best performance of all the Top 50 coins on the crypto parquet with a sensational pump.

Altcoin Season still this year

The third BTC Halving is history and interesting Altcoin projects will be in the spotlight this summer. While Bitcoin continues to look at the traditional markets, Cardano, Chainlink and Co. are working on high-quality use cases. Chainlink already announced several high-profile cooperations this year and Cardano is about to reach the next milestone with the upcoming Shelley update. This raises the question what actually happens at Ethereum?

When is ETH 2.0 coming?

It is considered one of the biggest updates in the crypto year 2020. The ETH 2.0 launch and the associated change from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake has kept the ETH community busy for months. But now an ETH developer is pointing out that a launch this year is rather unrealistic. We take a look at the current situation at Ethereum.

ETH developer Justin Drake expressed himself in a Reddit AMA (Ask me anything) on the current schedule as follows:

“Below are some of the things I want to see before genesis:

  • a public testnet with 3+ clients running smoothly for 2-3 months
  • an incentivised “attack net” running for 2-3 months (teased here—more details soon)
  • a bug bounty program similar to running for 2-3 months
  • serious differential fuzzing across Clients”

Ethereum 2.0, which is also known as Serenity, is meeting with high expectations. The eyes of the crypto world are on the launch and many Altcoin friends are linking the project with a new “Altcoin Season”. A further delay could dampen expectations.

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