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Crypto-Market catches up: Cardano breaks out!

Good mood on Wednesday

The bulls have successfully defended the USD 9000 mark and will regain strength on Wednesday. The market leader is rising, although the major stock indices are consolidating on Wednesday. This is a good sign for all users who want a quick fix. Meanwhile, Cardano (ADA) is advancing to 9th place on the crypto charts with a brilliant bull run. We take a look at the latest events.

Bitcoin course in detail

At the time of this article, the No.1 crypto currency is trading at a rate of USD 9297, which represents a daily gain of 1.62%. Over the past few days, the bears have repeatedly been beaten at the important USD 9000 mark. Now the trend line at USD 9200 provides a new buffer for the bulls. Upwards, the coming resistance is at 9400 USD and 9600 USD. However, the low trading volume of USD 16.2 billion could stand in the way of a rapid rise into the five-digit USD range.

Traditional markets moving sideways

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (-0.10 %) is taking it easy on Wednesday. At the start of the new quarter the gold price is targeting the USD 1800 mark and is once again recommended as a crisis-stable “Store of Value”. A characteristic that many experts also attest to Bitcoin. However, the high volatility and the low total market capitalization in the past often had a deterrent effect on investors.

Altcoins in the green zone

Most alternative assets can profit in the slipstream of the first mover and record their own price rises. Ethereum jumps above the USD 230 mark with a rise of 2.92%, while Bitcoin SV (- 0.57%) has the only loss in the top 20. Cardano shoots a bull run of 12.45 % to position 9 in the crypto charts. CEO Hoskinson repeatedly stresses that Cardano has the best code. The third level block chain is about to be updated by Shelley. It is quite possible that ADA will continue to move into the limelight in the coming weeks.

Use Case GHOST: John McAfee’s Coin at Disneyland

Not a week goes by without a headline from John McAfee. Only shortly after the introduction of McAfee’s Privacy Token GHOST it is already in use at Disneyland Hong Kong. The coin is designed to protect the privacy of the user, who may move through the crypto space like ghosts during transactions. For this purpose, the project uses, among other things, a Proof of Stake network. Fast transactions and low fees should round off the whole thing. Transactions on the same chain can be completed in less than 60 seconds. In a tweet, McAfee described the advantages of GHOST as follows: “GHOST: It’s a coin as proof of privacy that makes you a “ghost” in online transactions!With Atomic Swaps on McAfeeDex you can trade against BTC/BCH/ETH & more!With a DEX/privacy coin combination we now have complete control over our finances!”

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