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How the Teslacoin Drives Democracy Teslacoin was created as a cryptocurrency to stand for freedom and democratic decision-making processes, like no other digital coin today. While there are many people… Read more


Storjcoin and its Open-Source Data Storage Platform In the development of Storjcoin (STORJ), various people have come together to create a truly unique project. The CEO is Shawn Wilkinson, who… Read more

Cindicator Coin

Introduction on the Cindicator Coin Cindicator Ltd. is the parent company of the Cindicator Coin cryptocurrency (CND). It is registered in Gibraltar as stated on its website. According to the service… Read more

Blocknet Coin

Blocknet Coin and Blocknet Technology Blocknet Coin is based on XBridge, the first peer-to-peer protocol that nodes from different blockchains can interact with. This is an open source platform that… Read more

Zclassic Coin

Zclassic Coin – Introduction A few years ago, anyone considered a cryptocurrency expert had heard of the promising Zclassic Coin project. Zcash is considered to be one of the largest… Read more

Xenon Coin

Xenon Coin Network (XNN) At the beginning of the large-scale Xenon Coin blockchain project in early November, distribution of the Xenon token (XNN) began with a mass token campaign. Xenon… Read more

Xaurum Coin

The Xaurum Coin: A Golden Cryptocurrency Xaurum Coin is a cryptocurrency. Despite inflation, as well as the crises and conflicts that have threatened the financial world, there is one currency… Read more


What is VeriCoin? VeriCoin is a digital currency that runs its own unique protocol called proof-of-stake time (PoST). No other digital currency executes this protocol. The currency is listed under… Read more

Unobtanium Coin

Introduction on the Unobtanium Coin Unobtanium Coin is one of many cryptocurrencies on the market. More and more cryptocurrencies are populating the modern market of online transactions. Since its inception, Unobtanium… Read more

Trust Plus Coin

Introduction on the Trust Plus Coin Trust Plus Coin is a cryptocurrency with the abbreviation TRUST. The digital means of payment is not officially recognized and is usually rejected by banks.… Read more

Triggers Coin

Triggers Coin enables intelligent weapons on a blockchain Triggers Coin is a cryptocurrency based on the Blocksafe entwork. Blocksafe, the first system based on the intelligent weapons blockchain, announced the… Read more


ToaCoin – a hub, similar to the neighborhood coffee shop ToaCoin is a digital currency that is purely targeted at the travel scene. It’s impossible to summarize the overall concept… Read more

Stratis Coin

Stratis Coin – the first development platform for blockchains Stratis Coin last reached a strong peak in mid-January 2018. At the time, the value of a coin reached $21.21. Most… Read more


SolarCoin – an incentive for solar power With SolarCoin, the environment is the primary focus. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, the goal here is not the creation of an alternative independent currency,… Read more

ZenCash Coin

ZenCash Coin – A Revolutionary Derivative of Bitcoin You have to hand it to ZenCash Coin. Although it is based on Bitcoin technology, it has certainly made its mark on… Read more


How Zeitcoin Promotes the Responsible Use of Resources At first glance, Zeitcoin may appear to be an everyday cryptocurrency. However, there’s much more to this cryptographic currency than meets the… Read more

SingularDTV Coin

SingularDTV Coin – A Decentralized Streaming Platform The concept of the SingularDTV Coin already captivates people with its individuality. It is a decentralized streaming platform that offers artists and producers… Read more

Shift Coin

Shift Coin and the Dawning of a New Financial Era Shift Coin is a cryptocurrency. The age of digitalization has brought significant changes for the whole world. In addition to… Read more

SaluS Coin

SaluS Coin – a coin intended to increase net asset value SaluS Coin comes from a company that bears the same name as its own cryptocurrency. It’s a purely profit-based… Read more

Safe Exchange Coin

What is a Safe Exchange Coin? Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) provides a marketplace that allows its users to buy and sell goods and services. The platform allows users to take… Read more

Patientory Coin

What is ment by Patientory Coin? The Patientory coin (PTOY) aims to provide safe and better healthcare. The company has dedicated itself to developing blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry. It… Read more

Oyster Pearl Coin

Introduction on the Oyster Pearl Coin Oyster Pearl Coin is a crptocurrency. While the Internet is experiencing exponential growth, this development is not yet valid for web content monetization mechanisms. Advertisements… Read more

Numerai Coin

Numerai’s Numerai Coin —The Artificial Intelligence Hedge Fund Token Numerai Coin (NMR) is a cryptographic token designed to coordinate machine intelligence and overfitting. The token was created by Numerai. What… Read more


What is ment by the term Noblecoin? Noblecoin is a cryptocurrency. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, it is based on an encrypted blockchain. The abbreviation for Noblecoin’s units is NOBL.… Read more

Nimiq Coin

The ecosystem of Nimiq Coin Nimiq Coin is a cryptocurrency that has established its own system around it. What’s so remarkable is that no software needs to be installed in… Read more

Neutron Coin

Neutron Coin – a cryptocurrency that educates its users Neutron Coin has been developed to bring people closer to the education system and make further education more accessible. Many people remain… Read more


NavCoin – pay completely anonymously NavCoin is a cryptocurrency. Digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, are easy to track down. The data of the transactions are public and visible to everyone,… Read more


The MetalCoin Cryptocurrency (MTL) – A New Project on the Market MetalCoin is a cryptocurrency. If you know anything about the cryptocurrency market, you’ll know that there are many projects… Read more

Lunyr Coin

What is Lunyr Coin? Lunyr Coin is the cryptocurrency of the Lunyr platform. It is a knowledge-oriented, decentralized app (DApp) based on the Ethereum ecosystem. The company sees its project… Read more

Ion Coin

Ion Coin – Ionomy (ION): A Crypto Gaming Ecosystem, Wallet and Marketplace? Ionomy and the ION coin are a mobile gaming ecosystem with multiple apps for Android and iOS. In… Read more

Incent Coin

The Incent Coin and the World of Loyalty Schemes The digital currency, Incent Coin, was created for a very specific reason. This form of cryptocurrency can enable shops and companies… Read more


HTMLCOIN – an innovation of the blockchain HTMLCOIN is a web-based programming language used in the development of homepages. Due to the continuous development of various technologies, languages have a… Read more

Hedge Coin

Hedge Coin – A Currency With Built-In Protection Against Losses Hedge Coin is a cryptocurrency. The word “hedge” is derived from the term, “hedging”. In the case of Hedge Coin,… Read more


What is FirstCoin? FirstCoin was founded on a great overall concept. Above all, it builds on the principle to which mining pools were created. While spending time away from your… Read more

FirstBlood Coin

FirstBlood Coin – revolutionizing the eSports scene FirstBlood Coin is a cryptocurrency. It’s safe to say that the video game scene has a lot of potential for investing and earning… Read more

Expanse Coin

Decentralized and Innovative – Expanse Coin With the Expanse Coin cryptocurrency, transaction information and data is stored in a decentralized way. The coin specifically relies on the blockchain, a digital… Read more

Espers Coin

Espers Coin – a cryptocurrency with new security standards Espers Coin is a cryptocurrency. More and more cryptocurrencies are entering the market and making quite a stir in the world… Read more


EnergyCoin: saving energy is its name and saving energy is its game Its name says it all,  EnergyCoin is particularly impressive as it allows its users to save a lot… Read more


Emercoin: The cryptocurrency caught between the old school and modern age Emercoin is a cryptocurrency. 2014 was a year when many new Altcoins reached the market. Many failed to establish… Read more

ECC Coin

ECC Coin – an open source cryptocurrency The ECC Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. In developing it, the founders wanted to create a digital currency that is easy to use.… Read more

Dovu Coin

Dovu Coin – a dynamic new cryptocurrency and platform Dovu Coin is a cryptocurrency. There is a massive amount of data circulating on the Internet, which together forms the total… Read more

district0x Coin

district0x Coin – a decentralized network The developers of district0x Coin have deliberately created a complete network in which the coin itself plays an integral role. At the beginning of… Read more

Databits Coin

Augmentors – the world of Databits Coin Because the general public is becoming increasingly aware of cryptocurrencies, competition is hotting up among developers, just like them from the Databits Coin.… Read more

Credo Coin

Credo Coin – Meet the Team With the creation of the Credo Coin cryptocurrency, a means of payment was developed with far-reaching potential. It’s a cryptographic currency that looks likely… Read more

Centurion Coin

Centurion Coin – a cryptocurrency with continuous enhancements and improvements The developers of Centurion Coin have created a cryptocurrency that’s subject to constant change. The goal of the developers is… Read more

CDT Coin

What is CDT Coin all About? CDT Coin is a cryptocurrency. Investing in a cryptocurrency is currently pretty complex for users, especially those who are new to the cryptocurrency industry.… Read more

Byteball Coin

Byteball Coin – a secure and reliable cryptocurrency Byteball Coin stands for complete trust, which is a rare thing in today’s world. Contracts that are created on the Byteball platform… Read more

Buzz Coin

What is Buzz Coin? Buzz Coin uses an open source blockchain. Its developers are committed to environmental action; they promote sustainable energy and organic beekeeping through various projects. What is… Read more


BlueCoin – a cryptocurrency with character BlueCoin is one of many cryptocurrences – but what makes this one unique? Since the overwhelming success of Dogecoin, it has become clear that… Read more

Blackmoon Crypto Coin

Blackmoon Crypto Coin – a cryptocurrency for the real world The Blackmoon Crypto Coin platform is backed by the Blackmoon company, part of the Irish Blackmoon Financial Group. The company,… Read more

BitSend Coin

Introduction on the BitSend Coin BitSend coin (BSD) is digital money that you can spend anywhere. One can use BitSend to make payments online or in stores. Its secure, open-source… Read more

Bitcore Coin

Introduction on the Bitcore Coin Bitcore Coin is a crpytocurrency. Are you looking for the best investment? There are so many different cryptocurrencies that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by… Read more

BitcoinDark Coin

Enjoy Cheap Transfers and Transactions With BitcoinDark Coin BitcoinDark Coin – In order to keep the international financial markets as enticing as possible, cheap transfers are an essential draw. Unfortunately,… Read more

Bitcoin Plus Coin

Meet Bitcoin Plus: The Next Big Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Plus Coin is one of many cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin currently dominates the cryptocurrency market, but altcoins cannot be ignored as they mature. They… Read more

BitBean Coin

BitBean Coin – A More Efficient Cryptocurrency? BitBean Coin is a cryptocurrency, probably better known as digital money. Digital money in the form of cryptocurrency is in the process of… Read more

Autonio Coin

What is Autonio Coin? Autonio Coin is an AI-driven trading robot and platform that aims to make knowledge gathered by high-frequency Wall Street traders available to the public. The Autonio… Read more

Agoras Token Coins

Agoras Token Coins – a cryptocurrency that raises a few questions Agoras Token Coins are cryptocurrencies. At some point or other, most traders who’ve dealt with cryptocurrencies and crypto technology… Read more

adToken Coin

The ambitions of adToken Coin adToken Coin is a cryptocurrency. Ads are the future of marketing – at least if you are in the realm of the Internet. They’re crucial… Read more

Aeon Coin

Aeon Coin – the cryptocurrency that cannot be traced The developers of Aeon Coin are proud of their digital currency, not only because they have attracted attention in a relatively… Read more

AdEx Coin

What is AdEx Coin? AdEx Coin is an advertising platform based on a blockchain. The AdEx token sale started on Friday, June 30, 2017. AdEx Coin’s goal is to improve… Read more

Bitswift Coin

What is Bitswift Coin? Bitswift Technology Solutions is the development team behind Bitswift Coin. The focus of the team is on emerging technologies and their capabilities. All solutions created by… Read more

Sequence Coin

The Sequence Coin: A Token Against Inflation, Deflation and Devaluation The Sequence Coin cryptocurrency (SEQ) is the investment token associated with the Duality platform. Designed to protect the value of… Read more

Nexium Coin

Introduction on the Nexium Coin Nexium Coin is a cryptocurrency. 2017 was a particularly good year for investors. In general, it was a year in which investors experienced a bull market,… Read more

HyperStake Coin

What is the HyperStake Coin? HyperStake Coin is an advanced blockchain platform that distributes generous rewards to users without the need for specialized mining equipment. Instead, the developers focus on… Read more


Introduction on the Primecoin Primecoin is a cryptocurrency. The proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm has existed since the creation of Bitcoin by Nakamoto in 2008 and Hashcash in 2002. This protocol is now… Read more

Linx Coin

What is Linx Coin? Since Linx Coin was only launched in June 2017, this new currency is one of the youngest Altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. Linx Coin was created… Read more

Canada eCoin

Canada eCoin and the land of the maple leaf Canada eCoin is a cryptocurrency. Currently, few asset classes are booming as strongly as that of cryptocurrencies. With so many digital… Read more

Onix Coin

Introduction on the Onix Coin Onix Coin is a cryptocurrency. In the crypto market, it is well known that Bitcoin is the market’s key currency and boasts the highest market capitalization.… Read more

No Limit Coin

No Limit Coin – A Cryptocurrency That Knows No Boundaries No Limit Coin is a cryptocurrency. Among all the cryptocurrencies that are available now on the market, some particularly stand… Read more

InvestFeed Coin

InvestFeed Coin: the first smart social network with a token InvestFeed Coin has created the first intelligent social network and a market access platform (browser and mobile) intended for the… Read more

Asch Coin

Rise from booming China to the whole world Asch Coin is one of the few cryptocurrencies to have emerged from the People’s Republic of China. Investors can thus rely on… Read more

Obsidian Coin

The Motivation Behind the Obsidian Coin Obsidian Coin is a cryptocurrency. The right to privacy is a traditional right, which is legally binding in more than 150 countries worldwide. The… Read more


What is Zcoin? Zcoin is a cryptocurrency that is considered by many investors to be a fork of Zcash. In reality, this assumption is wrong, as Zcoin is based on… Read more

Counterparty Coin

What does the company/project do? Counterparty Coin is a free and open platform that offers powerful financial tools to anyone with an Internet connection. By leveraging Bitcoin network capabilities, Counterparty… Read more

Syndicate Coin

What is a Syndicate Coin? Syndicate Coin has lofty goals. The cryptocurrency wants to bring business and consumers together. Developers of the electronic currency offer a management platform and associated… Read more

LBRY Credits Coin

The LBRY Credits Coin – a library and content exchange service LBRY Credits Coin is a cryptocurrency. Whether intentional or not, we tend to divide the world of cryptocurrencies into… Read more

Hive Coin

What is Hive Coin? Hive Coin is a cryptocurrency. With the new blockchain technology and smart contracts, companies no longer need centralized intermediaries for transactions or financing. The blockchain grants absolute… Read more


Introduction on the Gridcoin Gridcoin is a cryptocurrency. Among the users of cryptocurrencies, there are many people who volunteer for distributed computing using the BOINC platform, an open software platform… Read more

Pepe Cash Coin

How the Pepe Cash Coin is Revolutionizing the Art Market The cryptocurrency platform has finally developed the Pepe Cash Coin, a form of digital currency specifically aimed at the booming… Read more

Airswap Coin

Airswap Coin and personal data protection With the popular Airswap Coin, a crypto-field finally exists in which the protection of personal data is paramount. An ingenious system within the platform… Read more

Radium Coin

Everything you need to know about Radium Coin Radium Coin is a cryptocurrency that serves as the base blockchain for the Radium SmartChain. Generally, this currency is very profitable to… Read more


Introduction on the Goldcoin Goldcoin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies stand for the optimization of existing payment systems. Here, a special focus is placed on what is known as ACID properties. While… Read more


Safe and fast at the same time – Shield Coin Shield Coin is a cryptocurrency that delights its users with a whole host of innovative features, especially its speed. While… Read more

Pascal Coin

Introduction – Pascal Coin Pascal Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency that aims to break the blockchain paradigm by introducing a new cryptocurrency structure – this is Safebox. Safebox serves to… Read more

Crown Coin

Introduction on the Crown Coin Crown Coin is a comparatively old cryptocurrency that was established in 2013 and founded by four Bitcoin enthusiasts who dreamed of creating their own cryptocurrency. In… Read more

Elastic Coin

What is an Elastic Coin? Elastic Coin (XEL) is a revolutionary open source project that aims to create a decentralized, untrusted supercomputer through the use of cryptography and blockchain technology. It… Read more


What is the MaidSafeCoin? MaidSafeCoin is a young, growing company based in the United Kingdom and made up of philosophers, inventors, engineers and designers. So far, MaidSafe has become known… Read more

Blocktix Coin

What is Blocktix Coin? Blocktix coin (TIX) is an Ethereum-based decentralized solution for the distribution, promotion and trading of tickets. Yes, tickets. As in tickets for sporting events, tickets for… Read more


An Introduction to B3Coin The goal of the B3Coin developers is to create a fair and transparent token distribution mechanism. To achieve this aim, they abandoned the traditional methods of… Read more

Memetic Coin

Memetic Coin – An Innovative Cryptographic Currency Memetic Coin is a cryptocurrency. For some time now, there’s been a real gold rush on the money market: cryptocurrency. What exactly is… Read more

Particl Coin

What is the Particl Coin? Particl Coin is a cryptocurrency. Wondering whether there’s an easy to use, secure and private marketplace that exists exclusively between users? You’ll be glad to… Read more

Petrodollar coin

The PetroDollar Coin and its Connection with the Price of Oil Although there are now dozens of cryptocurrencies on the market, the PetroDollar coin stands out among them. Why is… Read more

Tierion Coin

A Cyptocurrency for Everyone – The Tierion Coin Tierion is an innovative cryptocurrency based on the blockchain ledger whereby private data is encrypted and anonymised from the first moment onwards.… Read more

Diamond Coin

Bitcoin Diamond Coin: what you need to know about this new Bitcoin hard fork Diamond Coin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies may seem difficult to understand, largely due to the associated… Read more


Introduction – what is Mooncoin? Mooncoin is a simple, reliable and transparent cryptocurrency. It’s particularly impressive due to its efficient transfer speeds, offering faster transfers than Bitcoin. The main application… Read more

Lykke Coin

Introduction on Lykke Coin Lykke Coin is based on Lykke Corp, wich is a FinTech company from Zurich that has created a marketplace suitable for all asset classes and instruments. It… Read more

Ox Coin

Introduction on the 0x Coin Ox Coin  is a protocol to improve the collaboration of different ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. The protocol was designed to act as… Read more

ArtByte Coin

What is ArtByte Coin? ArtByte Coin is a way to capitalize on the emerging technology of digital currencies while providing peer-to-peer support to established and emerging artists. ArtByte Coin can… Read more

Neblio Coin

Introduction on the Neblio Coin Neblio Coin is a high-tech software interface with completely open source code. It is a secure, distributed platform that creates applications and services for enterprise software.… Read more


Peercoin – Successful Since 2012! The digital currency, Peercoin, has been around since 2012, making it one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. It was designed by Sunny King. The software developer… Read more

Edgeless Coin

Introduction on the Edgeless Coin Edgeless coin (EDG) rewrites the history of classic gambling by simplifying the otherwise extensive process. Currently, all online casinos require a complex registration through which all… Read more

Steem Coin

The Components of the Steem Coin Steem Coin not only consists of the Steem coin but also of the Steem Power and Steem Dollar components. Classic cryptocurrency functionality is the… Read more

Status Coin

What exactly is Status Coin? Status Coin is a cryptocurrency, and therefore represents an alternative method of payment. Today, the coin is particularly used on the dApp platform, which in… Read more

Wings Coin

Introduction on Wings Coin The goal of Wings Coins is to encourage users around the world to make joint decisions about the course and future of projects. The implementation of these… Read more

Viberate Coin

Viberate Coin Analysis Viberate Coin is a cryptocurrency. The following lines will show you the relevant facts and efeatures worty to know about this one. The project When analyzing new… Read more

Vibe Coin

An introduction to the Vibe Coin platform Vibe Coin is a cryptocurrency. It’s a phenomenon that has changed the world as we know it over the past two decades or… Read more

Tron Coin

What is a Tron Coin? Tron Coin is a cryptocurrency. A new, successful coin has recently appeared on the cryptocurrency market. Tron, with the abbreviation TRX, offers a modern system for… Read more


What is Syscoin? Syscoin is a cryptocurrency that acts as a distributed ledger on a blockchain. It is a fork of Bitcoin. Since both currencies are based on the same… Read more


Sumokoin – A new cryptocurrency with a keen eye on Asia It might have only been launched in May 2017, but Sumokoin is already making waves in the cryptocurrency market.… Read more


What is Sterlingcoin? Sterlingcoin is a cryptocurrency that originated in the UK, intended for use throughout the United Kingdom and outlying British Isles. The token is the first cryptocurrency to… Read more


What is meant by Skycoin (SKY)? “”Back to the future”” is the motto of Skycoin. Bitcoin is moving away from the origins of cryptocurrencies. The developers of Skycoin would like… Read more


What is a SIBcoin? SIBcoin is a cryptocurrency. In general, this is just another coin among hundreds of others, but it is noteworthy that it was developed in Russia, a country… Read more

Rise Coin

The Background Behind the Rise Coin The Rise Coin is a digitally available cryptocurrency. Its blockchain technology ensures that cybercriminals have virtually no chance of unauthorized access to sensitive data.… Read more

Quantum Coin

What is a Quantum Coin? Quantum Coin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies and digital investment markets are relatively small, compared to traditional financial markets. This makes it fairly difficult for bigger investors… Read more

Pura Coin

What’s Pura Coin all about? Pura Coin is a so-called cryptocurrency; a currency only available in digital form. Coins and notes of this currency do not exist, with funds only… Read more

Pillar Coin

How Pillar Coin can simplify our lives As one of many cryptocurrencies, Pillar Coin is intended to simplify daily life considerably. Payments can be made almost free of charge from… Read more

Nexus Coin

What is a Nexus Coin? Nexus Coin is based on a multi-layered blockchain (multi-dimensional chain, MDC). The cryptocurrency was presented by Colin Cantrell at the conference on the Nexus Coin Cryptocurrency… Read more


NewYorkCoin: A cryptocurrency for authentic New Yorkers Another addition to the booming cryptocurrency sector, NewYorkCoin is headquartered in the city that never sleeps. The aim of the developers behind this… Read more

MobileGo Coin

What is MobileGo Coin? MobileGo Coin is the currency of the first mobile gaming platform with its own store in the crypto world. Above all, the company wants to improve… Read more

Melon Coin

What is meant by the term Melon Coin? Melon Coin’s open source protocol enables decentralized digital asset management on the Ethereum Blockchain. Anyone can set up, manage and invest in… Read more


Leocoin and its innovative platform One of many so-called cryptocurrencies, Leocoin stands out from most, due to the integration of the currency into its own platform. This promises a distinctly… Read more

I/O Coin

Introduction on the I/O Coin I/O Coin is a cryptocurrency. Since the founding of the Bitcoin network in 2009, countless cryptocurrencies have populated the newly created market. Joel Bosh founded the… Read more

Humaniq Coin

Introduction on the Humaniq Coin Humaniq Coin is a cryptocurrency – but wich special features does this one inherit? Not all countries in the world have modern standards, as we know… Read more


What is a Hshare Coin? Hshare Coin is a new cryptocurrency on the market. It was introduced by auction on 20 August 2017. The initial price of this currency was… Read more


What is a Feathercoin? Feathercoin is an alternative to electronic payment systems. It is still not very popular, though it has been on the market for a long time. What type… Read more

Everex Coin

What is Everex Coin? Everex Coin offers a blockchain-based microfinance and referral service based on the Ethereum blockchain. Founded in 2016, this start-up is focused on building a platform that… Read more

Ethereum Classic

What does the term Ethereum Classic mean? Before going straight to the Ethereum Classic, it is worthwhile taking a moment to understand the history of Ethereum and The DAO. Code is… Read more


What is Dogecoin? Dogecoin, also known as DOGE for short, is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency derived from Litecoin. The Internet phenomenon “”Doge”” was used as the basis for design and naming.… Read more

DigitalNote Coin

What is DigitalNote Coin cryptocurrency (XDN) in simple terms? DigitalNote Coin (XDN) is a cryptocurrency. In the modern world, it is increasingly difficult to remain unknown or anonymous. One direct… Read more

Coval Coin

Coval Coin and the rise of cryptocurrencies Coval Coin belongs to an emerging class of financial product that has caused quite a stir in recent years. These so-called cryptocurrencies are… Read more


What Are the Advantages of Cloakcoin? Cloakcoin is a digital currency, otherwise known as a cryptocurrency, which facilitates transactions from A to B. Since it is not available in a… Read more

ClearPoll Coin

What is the ClearPoll Coin? ClearPoll Coin is one kind of a cryptocurrency. Today, online surveys are a very important part of market research. They provide information about the life, habits,… Read more


ChessCoin – A Cryptocurrency for Gamers ChessCoin is a Cryptocurrency. Back in the noughties, Google was able to establish itself as the number one search engine, Yahoo and MSN were… Read more

Centra Coin

Centra Coin Not a Currency, But a Payment System! Centra Coin isn’t a separate single digital currency, but a complete payment system. It supports numerous popular digital currencies and is… Read more

Bitquence Coin

What is the Bitquence Coin? Bitquence coin is the term for a cryptocurrency. It was primarily conceived as a means of payment on the platform of the same name. This… Read more

Bitdeal Coin

Worldwide payments made easy with Bitdeal Coin What seemed unthinkable just a short time ago is now possible thanks to Bitdeal Coin. With it, worldwide payments with a single currency… Read more

Bancor Coin

What is Bancor Coin? Bancor Coin is a system designed to manage the next generation of cryptocurrencies. It uses smart tokens based on Ethereum’s smart contracts that make the tokens… Read more

Agrello Coin

The background behind Agrello Coin Agrello Coin is both an innovative online platform and digital currency. Contrary to the euro, dollar and other fiat currencies, cryptographic currencies are not issued… Read more

Voxels Coin

Voxels Coin – Virtual reality and digital currency in one package Voxels Coin is a cryptocurrency based on Voxelus. Voxelus is a platform whose theme is virtual reality. Here, relevant… Read more

Loopring Coin

What is a Loopring Coin? Loopring Coin (LRC) is a decentralized exchange based on Ethereum. Loopring allows users to trade different cryptocurrency tokens. It can also be used to create platforms… Read more

Ubiq Coin

What is a Ubiq Coin? Ubiq Coin is a cryptocurrenca based on Ubiq, wich is a decentralized platform that allows you to create and deploy intelligent contracts and distributed applications. We… Read more

BitBay Coin

What is the BitBay Platform? The BitBay coin platform is still under development but after its launch, it will be a complete ecosystem for cryptocurrencies. BitBay implements intelligent contracts and… Read more

Nxt Coin

Nxt Coin and the world of cryptocurrency Nxt Coin is a cryptocurrency. While interest rates remain at record lows and citizens lose confidence in the state, so-called cryptocurrencies are booming.… Read more

Kin Coin

What is Kin Coin? Since 2010, more than one million people have used Kin Coin, also known as Kik, which is considered one of the innovators in its field. In… Read more


Starcoin and the World of Online Casinos Starcoin is a cryptocurency. Online casinos are now enjoying greater popularity with Internet users than ever before. But so far, one feature has… Read more

Verge Cryptocurrency

What is Verge Cryptocurrency? Verge cryptocurrency is among the most dynamic of all currencies in the crypto market. In 2017, the market value rocketed by more than 1,000% percent, so anyone… Read more


What´s a Vertcoin? Looking to invest in Vertcoin? Vertcoin’s revolutionary algorithm (Lyra2RE) makes the VTC coin mining process accessible to most users. It also negates any unfair advantages to large players… Read more

VeChain Coin

What is VeChain Coin? VeChain Coin has made its name as one of the world’s leading blockchain platforms for products and information. The company strives to provide its customers with a… Read more

Substratum Coin

What is a Substratum Coin? Substratum Coin is an open-source network that wants to become the backbone of a decentralized Internet. The network allows you to obtain cryptocurrencies by renting… Read more


What is SONM Coin? SONM Coin is based on SONM, wich is a global operating system that acts as a decentralized global supercomputer for fog computing. SONM can bring in… Read more

Santiment Coin

 What is Santiment Coin? Santiment Coin is a digital means of payment that is another addition to the cryptocurrency market. This coin is integrated into an innovative platform, which deals… Read more

RRT Coin

What options does RRT offer its investors? Investors who decide to buy RRT Coin can use it for several purposes. Though RRT is primarily a digital currency, in certain circumstances… Read more

Populous Coin

Populous Coin and P2P Payments Populous Coin was introduced as the preferred means of payment for platforms offering P2P transactions. Other services offered include the provision of capital for growth,… Read more

Pivx Coin

What is Pivx Coin? Pivx Coin is an emerging cryptocurrency, developed as an open source project. The aim of the developers was and is to ensure a high degree of… Read more

Nem Xem

What does the term Nem Xem mean? NEM XEM is a peer-to-peer crypto platform. It is written in Java and JavaScript, with 100 percent original source code. NEM XEM Coin has… Read more


The emergence of Myriadcoin Myriadcoin is an experimental cryptocurrency that takes a novel approach to its security and integrity assessment. It is known by the short form Myriad. As a… Read more

Monetha Coin

Monetha Coin – a call to traditional payment methods Monetha Coin is a peer-to-peer payment service based on Ethereum technology. The resource uses the Smart Contracts algorithm to create a… Read more

Komodo Coin

Komodo Coin is a promising fusion of Bitcoin and Zcash Komodo Coin is a cryptocurrency that combines the best features of Zcash and Bitcoin. It is based on a completely… Read more


What is IOTA? IOTA, released in 2015, is a lightweight currency when compared to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Advantages of IOTA Key benefits of IOTA’s cryptocurrency include commissions… Read more


What is ment by the term ICONOMI Coin (ICN)? ICONOMI Coin is a cryptocurrency that enables you to quickly perform financial operations, transfers and transactions, and keep the information secret.… Read more

Gnosis Coin

Why was the Gnosis Coin created? Gnosis Coin is another addition to the world of cryptocurrencies. It was conceived for a very specific reason beyond a way to make payments.… Read more

Funfair Coin

Why Funfair Coin is considered to be a cryptocurrency? Funfair Coin is one type of many cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is the term for all digital currencies that don’t have a physical… Read more


The cryptocurrency FantomCoin (FCN) This article is about FantomCoin, an old cryptocurrency (released on 05.06.2014) that is gaining popularity again. FantomCoin uses the CryptoNote algorithm and is a 64-bit coin,… Read more


What is a Faircoin? Faircoin is a cryptocurrency and is traded on various online exchanges. Similar to the Bitcoin, the developers of the Coin rely on a decentralized storage of… Read more

ETP Coin

What is ETP Coin? ETP Coin is a so-called cryptocurrency, which was launched by the developers of the Metaverse platform. Cryptocurrency can be stored, received, and if desired, sent via… Read more

Eidoo Coin

Introduction on the Eidoo Coin According to the developers, Eidoo Coin is the first project that will simplify interaction between the average user and their cryptocurrency. The heart of the project… Read more

Digibyte Coin

What is Digibyte Coin? Digibyte Coin is one of several cryptocurrencies, i.e. decentralized monetary systems that transfer funds via digital blockchains. Crypto money guarantees secure, anonymous online payment transactions. Modern… Read more

Decred Coin

What is a Decred Coin? The Decred coin is the cryptocurrency of the eponymous Decred platform. It uses a hybrid consensus system to strike a balance between miners and users… Read more

Decentraland Coin

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Civic Coin

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Chainlink Coin

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Bitshares Coin

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Bitconnect Coin

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Aventus Coin

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ATB Coin

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Ardor Coin

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Aeternity Coin

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Zcash Coin

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Binance Coin

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Waves Coin

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Raiblocks Coin

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Qtum Coin

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Gas Coin

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Ark Coin

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TenX Coin

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Lisk Coin

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Tether Coin

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Aragon Coin

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Golem Coin

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Gulden Coin

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NEO Coin

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EOS Coin

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Einsteinium Coin

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