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About the company is a company spread over several locations with headquarters in China (Guangdong, Shenzhen), Hong Kong and Bulgaria (Sofia City Province, Sofia). CEO of the company is Kris Marszalek, who has successfully built and sold several companies in Asia. (BEECRAZY). Further information about the company and the team can be found under “About us” on the website.

50$ MCO Token gets a gift with our partner code: 64cxjnzk8j has an active partnership with Visa and offers on its platform several different Visa debit cards in cool designs. Which design and which card you get depends on the number of MCO Token. This is also where the cash back on purchases differs. With the “Obsidian Black” card you get up to 5% CashBack on your purchases with the card and a daily cash limit of 1000$.

The platform informs its customers via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Apart from the WHOIS protection (which is now standard in the crypto sector), the company is quite transparent.

The research carried out on the internet so far shows a very positive picture and speaks for a serious company. Nevertheless, we always recommend caution and never invest more money or coins than you are willing to lose.

For which operating system does offer its wallet?

The Wallet is offered for Apple (IPhone) as well as for the Google Play Store. The app has good recessions and works perfectly. Downloading and using the app is free and quite intuitive. The KYC process and other settings can be done directly in the app. If you use the app, you will already notice the professionalism of the company when you set up your account.

50$ MCO Token gets a gift with our partner code: 64cxjnzk8j

Which coins does support

In addition to the Coin (CRO Token), the MCO Token, you can also use: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Thether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Binance Coin, Stellar, Cardano, ChainLink, Dash, Tezos, Ethereum Classic, Cosmos, NEO, USD Coin, Maker, VeChain, and many more. For the rewards (interest) you have to enter your desired coins for a fixed period of time in the system. You can find out more about this under the point “Earn Cryptos”.

Since when is on the market?

The platform was founded in 2016 and has been active on the market since then. The development of the company is remarkable. The team and the history of the company show a continuous positive development. More than 10,000 people have subscribed to the company on Facebook. An important aspect for a serious company in this industry are regular updates on the social media channels. The Facebook page of the project or company can be found here:

Who has the private keys to the wallet?

The Private Keys are held by the company, so please note “Not your Key, not your Coin”. If the provider is hacked or gets into financial problems, your deposits are a danger. Please never invest more money or coins than you are willing to lose.

50$ MCO Token gets a gift with our partner code: 64cxjnzk8j

The CRO Token and how it works

CRO Token enables the processing of transactions between currencies and assets for the native chain. It is available on several global exchanges. The CRO Token performs the following functions:

  • Enables the transfer of currencies between different coins
  • Participants who write transactions on the network use CROs to settle the block transaction fees
  • Participating nodes are rewarded in CRO for processing and validating transactions on the network
  • Customers who pay directly with CRO pay only minimal fees
  • Similar to Binance with the NBB token, the CRO token acts as a utility token for paying fees.

The MCO Token and how it works conducted the MCO token sale from May to June 2017 and collected $26.7 million.

MCO has a trading volume of 15.8 million tokens and is traded on 22 exchanges worldwide. The MCO token program has been significantly improved since its inception and is still being developed. The MCO token is an ERC-20 token that entitles the holder to certain staking rewards within the universe. Depending on how many MCO-Token are held, the better conditions you get for your credit card.

Here is a small overview of the functions and advantages depending on the Token Staking.

The MCO Visa Card with up to 10% cashback

From 50,000 MCO Token you will receive a CashBack of at least 5% on your purchases. With AirBnB and Expedia you even get 10% discount and with the partners Netflix, Spotify you get 100% off the offer *. (Please pay attention to the conditions on the website) –

Earn with Cryptos – up to 18% return per year

Extremely exciting and certainly interesting for most users, the “Earn” program from On the fixed investment of various coins you get an interest on This interest depends on the duration of the investment, the coin and the amount of MCO Tokens you hold. See screenshots:

The following coins are supported, of course there are always new ones added:

50$ MCO Token gets a gift with our partner code: 64cxjnzk8j

MCO token worth $50 donated

If you are not yet a customer at, then you can be happy now. Sign up for free with our partner code: 64cxjnzk8j From a purchase of MCO Token worth $50, you will get another $50 MCO Token for free. You can then make the same offer to your friends.

We have tested the staking

We have booked just under 0.3024 Bitcoin for 3 months in the staking at Eean and are very satisfied with the results so far. The earnings are regularly transferred to our wallet and can be paid out. We have also calculated, the return is exactly 8% per year, as promised. Here are a few screenshots of our experiment:

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