Posted on: 09. March 2018

Consensus Point

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What businesses is Consensus Point dedicated to?

The company Consensus Point is active in the forecasting market. It is often regarded as one of the pioneers in this field. In order to make accurate predictions about the future of a specific market, close cooperation with the scientific community is required.

Robin Hanson, who had previously been involved in market research as a scientist, is the key figure behind the company. In order to support market research companies in their activities, the CP offers software for various industries.

Close cooperation with market research companies also contributes to ensuring that Consensus Point always remains up to date.

Advantages of commissioning Consensus Point

Companies from various industries turn to CP when a business model needs to be renewed. Individual forecasts can then be made to assess the success of possible changes.

Furthermore, companies can test whether maintaining existing practices is a profitable venture for the future. Depending on the outcome of a forecast, marketing can be adjusted and improved.

Helpful tips can also be given on how to communicate with customers. In the past, companies that were in financial difficulties or recently suffered profit losses have sought the assistance of Consensus Point.

Consensus Point creates individual forecasts and cooperates with various companies in the field of market research. Taking into account scientific findings, the reliability of the studies is constantly improved.

Companies in financial difficulty consult CP regularly. A change in the business model can then be successfully implemented. This can be the major benefit of this method.

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