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Coinbase registration

Coinbase Registration – Easy Steps for Creating a Coinbase Account

The platform requires a  Coinbase registration in order to buy and sell digital cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies supported by the platform are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The necessary registration is carried out quickly and after doing so, you can immediately begin using the website.

Alternatively, you can download the Coinbase app. This is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to use Coinbase conveniently.

First, it is necessary to set up an account with Coinbase. The Coinbase registration is clearly outlined on the site – just follow the steps below to start. Before doing so, however, you should be aware of the Terms of Use of the Coinbase service. It is always beneficial to know what you are getting into and when it comes to money, it’s even more important.

Coinbase Registration – Getting Started

Once you have landed on the sign-up page of the Coinbase website, you can begin creating an account. If you do not want to register as a company, then opt for the “Individual” tab. Enter your first name, last name, a valid email address and a password. You also have to confirm that you are not a robot. Next, confirm that you are older than 18 and agree to the Terms of Use. Do the same thing with the privacy policy.

When all this is done, click on “Create Account”. This will create your account and take you to the next page of the Coinbase registration. Once there, you will be informed about your confirmation email. This has been created by the system and sent to the previously provided email address.

You now have to log in to your email. Go to your inbox – your validation message from Coinbase should be there. Once you have found it, open the email and click on the validation service link. Click on “Verify Email Address”. Your email address will then be confirmed and linked to your Coinbase user account.

Coinbase Registration – Check the Spam Folder if No Email is Seen

If you aren’t able to find a Coinbase message in your inbox, the first step is to check your spam folder. Sometimes, settings automatically move validation emails to this folder. You can change this spam setting in the settings menu of your email program.

In the next step of your Coinbase registration, you’ll determine the details for your account. First, select your desired account type. You can either choose an individual account or a business account. For the business account, you have to submit an application.

For an individual account, you’ll next need to enter your location and your phone number. Your phone number is required for logins with 2-step verifications and for transactions. You will be notified by the system on your phone and prompted for input.

This procedure is convenient and makes sense for security reasons. Once everything has been entered, you will be asked for your desired payment method.

Coinbase Registration – Select Payment Method

To enter your desired payment method, the system requires a personal identification. Identification can be achieved in different ways. You simply choose whether you want to carry out the identification via your passport, driver’s licence or a photo.

The corresponding document must be uploaded to the system. If you choose the photo ID, you can either use a webcam or your mobile phone. If you choose your mobile phone, the Coinbase system sends a link to the phone number you specified earlier. Once all required documents have been successfully uploaded, you will be redirected online.

The newly opened website reports that your identity has been verified. Next, you can enter your payment method. You’ll have to decide if you want to use your bank account or credit card. A new page will open for you to enter your payment data.

When all this is done, Coinbase initiates two payments. These can be found under the tab “Pending Transactions”. The automatic payments are necessary to verify your payment method.

Coinbase Registration – Confirm Payment Method

To continue, check the Coinbase-initiated payment transactions on your bank or credit card account. When you have found the transactions, make a note of the digits after the decimal point. These must be entered in the under the tab “Verify Charge Numbers”. Click on the button with the same name. Congratulations, your registration with Coinbase is complete!

You can now buy and sell coins at will. Changes to the setup of your user account are possible at any time by using the settings. You should now log in to Coinbase and become more familiar with the website and services. Bitcoins, Ethereum tokens and Litecoins are all waiting for you.

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