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CDT Coin

What is CDT Coin all About?

CDT Coin is a cryptocurrency. Investing in a cryptocurrency is currently pretty complex for users, especially those who are new to the cryptocurrency industry. The complexity of blockchain technology is one of the biggest challenges.

The goal of CoinDash –  CDT Coin – is to break down cryptocurrency barriers by providing tools and services that allow access to all cryptocurrency assets that interact, manage and trade with each other.

CoinDash will offer its products through a single platform designed for the main user. Basically, CoinDash aims to become the eToro of crypto investment.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Intellectual tools such as interactive portfolios are needed to manage active crypto assets. CoinDash Analytics gives users an idea of their investment performance and helps them make data-driven decisions.

CoinDash aims to become a universal source of information that will allow a crypto investor to monitor the effectiveness of all cryptocurrency values, make informed decisions and understand market trends.

Social Network

Social interactions are an important part of the cryptographic world. Projects grow and fall with the community and the networks they create. CoinDash’s social trading capabilities eliminate barriers for new and existing cryptographic token users to track and copy trading solutions.


The CoinDash platform is based on unlocking opportunities and simplifying UX trading with features such as real-time social trading signals, the ICO dashboard, trend assets, real-time market price tables and third-party integration.

How Advanced is the Project?

The CDT Coin began as one of the projects on the International Hackathon. The project took first place out of over 70 competing projects.

The CDT Coin Roadmap

Q2-3 2018:

  • Portfolio management (diversification indicator & support for blockchain without Ethereum).
  • Automation tools for the ICO (ICO mood & automation of investment ICO).
  • Copy trading (recognize the best investors & copy investment decisions automatically).

Q1 2019:

  • Portfolio management (export of trading history for tax purposes, integration and tracking of Melonport & ICONOMI).
  • Signal trading.
  • A currency trend chart.

Q2-3 2019:

  • Fiat currency purchase of cryptography assets.
  • Marketplace (ICO dashboard, trend assets & third-party investment tools).

How Can CDT Coin Token Owners Earn Money?

CDT Coin is used to pay all fees on the platform. This creates a direct correlation between the success of the platform and the value of the token. The more people use the platform, the more rewards are paid and the more CDT Coin tokens are purchased – ultimately, the price of the token increases.

Applications for CDT Coin include the following:

The tools of the CoinDash social network allow experienced investors to monetize their knowledge and experience, and share their portfolio with other users. You can receive commissions and gain influence through the accumulation of followers in the network.

The user pays a permanent subscription to receive real-time signals from a particular investor.


Crypto investing is currently the Wild West of the financial world. There is a great demand for help and simplification of the cryptocurrency trade. CoinDash services can be useful to both new and experienced investors. CoinDash has a strong team and consultants who are good at collecting money quickly – an important part of a successful project.

The project is relatively well developed compared to most other ICO projects. There is already a valid beta version. The roadmap is clear until 2019. The collection of funds is estimated to be 12 million dollars. It is a reasonable sum, which significantly increases the potential for price growth.


The community is very important to this project, especially the ICO. The CoinDash community on Slack has over 3,000 members.

There are a number of projects in the area of managing active crypto resources, including Melonport, ICONOMI and Santiment. Each is different and CoinDash will interact with Melonport and ICONOMI. However, there is still some overlap between them, and users can use other platforms instead of CoinDash.

The success of this project depends on the future investment in the cryptocurrency. If the cryptocurrency is just a fad, CoinDash will not be in much demand.


In general, many like this project both for resale and for its long-term potential. The team, the project status and the ICO structure are all well-developed. This cryptocurrency is very good for reselling because the ICO market was relatively small, the team is strong and the current beta version is already installed.

This project is well suited for long-term investment because there is a great demand for CoinDash services. If CoinDash can become the best in the crypto industry, the value of the CDT Coin will grow.

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