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Buzz Coin

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What is Buzz Coin?

Buzz Coin uses an open source blockchain. Its developers are committed to environmental action; they promote sustainable energy and organic beekeeping through various projects.

What is Buzz Coin?

Known by the code BUZZ, this cryptocurrency has existed since November 2017. The developers are keen to promote an active and motivated community that fosters positive developments through cooperation.

The word buzz refers both to the sound of a bee, and colloquially, to enthusiasm or excitement. The cryptocurrency should lead to improvements in beekeeping and the energy sector, in accordance with its developers' wishes.


Sustainability is at the heart of the Buzz community's thinking. On their homepage, the developers express their desire to influence. This digital coin, therefore, should not be limited to a virtual, digitized environment. Instead, it should bring about real change.

Some other cryptocurrencies pursue similar goals. Nonetheless, the distinctive feature of Buzz is its focus on ecology and sustainable economies with renewable energies and organic beekeeping.

Why bees?

Indispensable for pollinating plants, bees also produce honey. Beekeeping has become heavily industrialized, especially in the USA. Unfortunately, moving bees from place to place (common under industrial farming) exposes them to considerable stress. Worse still, the colonies may come into contact with noxious crop insecticides.

Environmental activists designate these practices as animal cruelty. They argue that humankind owes much to honeybees and should treat the flying insects more respectfully. Also, bees ensure the survival of numerous plant species. In turn, healthy plants support the ecosystem that produces food for animals, livestock and humans. Bees play an essential ecological role.

Where can I get Buzz coins?

Internet users who want to buy Buzz coins need either common currency (such as US dollars or euros) or crypto money. Investors change crypto money into the currency BUZZ on a conversion platform.

An exchange calculator helps to determine the current rates. The conversion prices may vary on different platforms, since cryptocurrencies are not subject to centralized administration.

Current information on the Buzz cryptocurrency is available here. Additionally, in the blog linked from that home page, the developers present regular updates and details of changes.

What influences the value of Buzz Coin?

Like all cryptocurrencies, Buzz is based primarily on trust. Users determine the worth of digital coins by trading them. Some crypto money systems (such as Bitcoin) change dramatically in value over time.

Just as users can convert dollars to Buzz, turning Buzz Coin into real money is also possible. Such exchanges work when there are buyers for whom the cryptocurrency has value.

The value of Buzz and other cryptocurrencies also depends more generally on market demand. As more users become convinced of the benefits of digital coins, their value may well increase.

General factors that affect cryptocurrencies

Potential factors that may affect the value of crypto money are:

  • Technical innovation
  • Philosophy
  • Current relevance of the philosophy to other people
  • Implementation of projects in the real world, such as environmental protection
  • Mentions of medical matters
  • Trust in the developers
  • Security and reliability of the blockchain
  • General interest in digital money
  • Exchange and payment options
  • Speculation
  • Recognition by tax offices, shops, celebrities and influencers, etc.

Invest ecologically

Nowadays, ecological sustainability has high priority and is of great importance. Buzz Coin caters for this scenario and offers not only a monetary but also an ideological incentive.

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