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Buying Bitcoin with Sofortüberweisung

Buy Bitcoin via Sofortüberweisung – The Fast Way to Get Bitcoins

Next to mining, buying Bitcoins is the best way to get into Bitcoin trading – there are attractive profits and price increases that can easily be used to make money. There are also many providers offering Bitcoins, but Sofortüberweisung represents the fastest way to acquire Bitcoins.

Not all platforms offer this option for payment, however. Many providers require buyers to already be in the possession of Bitcoins.

However, providers such as Bitpanda,, and similar platforms offer their customers the opportunity to exchange Bitcoins for euros and to pay with Sofortüberweisung. For this purpose, the desired quantity of Bitcoins is selected by the customer.

After clicking on the payment option, it will be linked to a bank or forwarded to a page where an immediate transfer can be carried out. If it is a large sum, buyers should make sure in advance that the account is covered. The equivalent in Bitcoins will be credited directly to the wallet upon confirmation of the transaction.

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Buying Bitcoin via Sofortüberweisung – Advantages

Those who are looking to buy Bitcoins via Sofortüberweisung should not expect long waiting times and will receive their Bitcoins directly after the purchase is made. Sofortüberweisung is a relatively secure payment method.

To buy Bitcoins via Sofortüberweisung, the buyer first needs a wallet. Although the process of registering electronic wallets may be costly, a wallet allows you to manage cryptocurrencies of other kinds as well.

Transactions can be made without banks being involved. The alternative to Sofortüberweisung is usually to purchase by credit cards, which may incur additional fees. It is practical for buyers to have immediate access to the Bitcoin market with an instant bank transfer, making it possible to act on sudden low prices and buy cheap Bitcoins. Ultimately, purchase by Sofortüberweisung is simple, fast and secure.

Buying Bitcoin via Sofortüberweisung – When to Make a Purchase

The prospect of getting into Bitcoin trading right now is extremely tempting. However, investors should wait for a favourable time to make a purchase. The lowest point of a course correction is most suitable. This offers the advantage of buying cheap. On the other hand, it is relatively certain that the price will rise again within a short time, enabling profit.

In addition, Bitcoin buyers should make an immediate transfer only when sure that the account is sufficiently covered since daily limits and suchlike can spoil the process. If you intend to invest several thousand euros, you should first make sure that the upcoming Sofortüberweisung does not exceed your daily limit at the bank.

If necessary, it is important to have it raised in advance or to raise it yourself. If you have online banking, you can take this step from the comfort of your own home. As with any cryptocurrency investment, buyers should invest only as much as they are prepared to lose in the worst case scenario.

Buy Bitcoin via Sofortüberweisung – Conclusion

If you want to buy Bitcoins, you can pay through some providers with Sofortüberweisung. Especially handy is that there are no delays and the acquired Bitcoins are directly visible in the wallet. The payment method is safe, simple and convenient.

Remember to enter into the Bitcoin trade at a favourable time to begin earning profit quickly. Finally, Sofortüberweisung works only if the account is covered accordingly and the daily limit is not exceeded.

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